Killing Dylann Roof Will Only Make More


It almost feels like a setup that South Carolina gave Dylann Roof, the young white fool that walked into a Black church and murdered 9 parishioners, the death penalty.

And I know that because I’m Black, I’m supposed to be happy about it.

I guess I’m supposed to see it as justice finally being served and I’m probably even supposed to interpret the whole thing against the backdrop of realizing that Black people get sentenced with the death penalty disproportionately, as some kind of bizarro step toward equality.

But nah, I don’t rock with Roof’s sentencing at all and not just because I oppose the death penalty in general.

I don’t like that Roof got it because it makes him a martyr.

Now that asshole gets to, as the saying goes, “Die young and leave a good-looking corpse.”

And this is the last thing that should happen to his ass.

He should die after years of decay and gray.

It’s a wonder so few people, with as much research as they do, link the tendency to become mass shooters and murderers to overall suicidal tendencies.

The Columbine boys of Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were, while not the first, certainly the most memorable to display that trait.

Then, of course, there’s Adam Lanza, right on up to Elliot Rodger who, like Roof, also had an alleged problem with the fact that a Black dude was fucking a chick that he was interested in.

Roof himself has said that his original plan after the shooting had been suicide but he ran out of bullets.

I wish somebody would run a companion study to see how many of these muhfuccas died virgins.

Something tells me that every single one of them did.

After the difference between healthy and unhealthy, there’s no greater difference between men, not even rich and poor, than virgin and non-virgin.

It almost makes you wish that one or all of these boys would have had the kind of old-school fathers that would have taken them to whorehouses.

Then they could have determined one of three things:

  1. I like pussy and I’m gonna make enough money so that can always get some
  2. I like pussy and I’m gonna step my game up enough to get it for free
  3. Just like I (probably) feared, I’m a homosexual

And, like I wrote, the reason killing Roof feels like a setup is because his martyrdom will almost certainly encourage similar acts.

As written, the majority of these guys have suicidal tendencies to start with.

The only reason they decided to “take other people out with them” is because they’re also narcissistic enough to desire some type of fame to be attached to them throughout posterity but too weak to have desires that would include doing something beneficial to mankind like becoming an organ donor.

So now if you’re young, white and have somehow attributed the misery of your own paltry existence to notion that big-dick niggers are fucking all the young, pretty white girls in the mouth, as opposed to the graying, clownish and pathetic image of a Charles Mansion that you would have had to consider as the only result of some symbolic stupidity on your part, you get Dylann Roof, whose upcoming martyrdom will add him to the White Supremacist Canon of Heroes.

Great going, South Carolina.

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