Trump Will Control The Entire Media By the Spring

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump smiles at his campaign rally in Manassas, Virginia December 2, 2015. Republican presidential front-runner Trump said on Wednesday his plan for combating Islamic State militants involves targeting not just the group's fighters but also their families. REUTERS/Gary Cameron - RTX1WXE5


We’re witnessing, of course, the last days of any possible dissenting opinions against the man America elected to be it’s 45th President.

Some brave fools might even rock well into maybe February.

However, if somebody’s still writing or printing negative shit against the by then full President Trump, you can bet they won’t be affiliated with the mainstream media.

Oh no, by then, only crackpots, bloggers, conspiracy theorists, truth tellers and other weirdos will have the gall to have their own byline attached to contradictory anti-Trump shit.

You see, because while The Donald doesn’t have the style, youth or easy charisma of a JFK or Barack Obama, he still will have the lion’s share of the one thing everybody in the news will want from January 20th on; access to himself.

Presidential politics ain’t something easily covered from the sidelines.

And as Denzel Washington and everyone else who knows anything about how news really works will point out, the most important thing in the world is to be first.

Now imagine any mainstream news source that got all it’s information secondhand because President Trump declares that they’re enemies.

That simply wouldn’t do.

So what would happen, what would have to happen in fact would be that news sources on the President’s enemies list would either induce or might even hire somebody to start writing flattering pieces about the President.

That would be their first compromise.

Trump, whatever your feelings about the man, even if you think his wife is a KGB agent, you must admit is not a complete idiot.

So sure, after a few positive pieces, President Trump warms to the “good” journalist from the otherwise bad news source.

He grants that journalist access but explains that he’s doing it as a one-time thing because he really doesn’t truck with the journalist’s home new source at all, still he makes sure that the one-time interview he does give is so insightful and rare that it’s almost illicit.

Unable to resist the possibility of similar and more such juicy inside stuff, Trump’s former enemy news source now becomes friendly.

That would be the final compromise.

News is a game you can’t expect to win by continually playing from behind and even a mainstream news source’s most loyal subscribers would eventually tire of seeing headlines from their own source on the covers of another source the day before.

And the people that have claimed from the beginning that Trump was a bully will have never been more right than when he effectively uses bullying as a strategy to push his agenda, whatever it really is – the obnoxious over-enriching of his family? the obnoxious over-enriching of his cabinet? gutting the last few shreds of whatever American resources are left before making a wholesale, kids and grandkids in tow, escape back to Deutchland, you know, going Drumpf again? – all the way to completion.

It can’t be making America great again; not with such a clear and ham-fisted play if not to suppress then to definitely subjugate the part of the First Amendment that deals with freedom of the press.

The thing is, as in the schoolyard, it won’t be forever before some brave news org eventually does stand up to this particular bully.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it tho.

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