Serena, Get a Pre-Nup!!!

Normally not taken aback by much, I was actually shocked at the number of anti-Serena Williams videos I saw on Youtube from niggas that were posting like they had an actual shot.

Like it was between them and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and in the end, she chose the white boy.

No, dude, nah.

Serena’s never heard of you.

It’s doubtful she’s heard of me and I’m positively epic.

And since this is my second post on the subject, I’ll admit that I was salty too, but not because of the color of the dude she’s marrying, just because of his status.

Read my other shit again, I ran down a list of white boys I felt were more compatible, physically hotter (no homo) and just all around better for greatest tennis player – male or female – to ever play the game.

Gotta get in where you fit in tho, I guess and Ohanian, in this case, is providing the fits.

One thing tho: dude ain’t got no money.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, he makes my homeless ass look, well, homeless.

But when you compare his paltry 4.5 million to Serena’s 150 million, Serena’s marrying this dude looks – pardon the nearly evil pun I’m about to float here, but – niggardly.

Unlike rapper Eve’s interracial marriage, who most of the video guys also seemed to take issue with, he had the paper while her career as an MC had hit a snag and her career as an actress was slow motion as well.

So in Serena’s case, like a Tiger Woods, like an OJ, like a Charles Barkley and any other Negro that thought that the great fortune they’d accumulated as a result of their great talent should be enough to buy them something that comes in white; no background check needed, no fortune of her own necessary, no history at all required although preferably at least average looking, Serena’s got a guy that’s tall, we’ll give him that, and, of course, white.

And it’s here I’d like to take a moment to applaud the psychological yeoman’s work it takes for a Black person to love, be involved with, and deal with Black people in romantic relationships, especially against the backdrop of a society that would have us hate ourselves with a particular passion.

I mean of course, society wants us all to hate ourselves, Black, white or indifferent – that’s how they plan to sell us products – but the screw is turned a little tighter on those who, unlike the white girl who’s maybe fat but can lose weight to look a little bit more like the model in the Calvin Klein Jeans, is Black and can therefore do nothing to look more like the model.

We’re all, as Americans, supposed to aspire.

But Black people are perhaps the only people that are seemingly supposed to aspire out of our very skin.

Now, back to Serena.

There’s no price on love.

You fall for who you fall for.

But, like I said about Tiger Woods and how he should have read the signs showing his wife to be only after his paper by the fact that she had exactly two kids then stopped fucking him, seemingly causing him to cheat, Serena, baby, if you don’t have this white boy sign a prenup, I’ll bet you my last money – which admittedly, won’t be much – that maybe a week into the marriage, while he’s hitting it from the back, he’ll ask you if you mind him calling you “nigger”.

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