John Lewis Makes the Correct Call for Posterity, But What About Right Now?

Politics is a gamble.

It’s no sure thing to guess about what the majority of your constituents might want.

And, like I’ve always said and firmly believe, if you’ve got any genuinely personal convictions, you won’t make a good politician.

Hell nah, you’ve gotta be ready, willing and able to believe in what is politically expedient.

Take John Lewis whose Black ass went so far as not only to straight out voice his opinion that President-elect Trump was not “legitimate”, but also to go on record as making it known that he plans on skipping his first inauguration in 30 years!

That nigga’s crazy!

It’s not just reflex, it’s actual instinct – self defense, survival mode – that causes the average among us to recognize power, acknowledge it, avoid it if we can, respect it if we must, and, sadly, but hopefully for most of us as a last resort and not for the joyous art of cooning, bow to it when we have to.

But John Lewis is choosing to do none of the above.

I’ve made few provisions for men like this.

I was expecting almost a wholesale caving of the old Left, a sort of avalanche of new Trump supporters eager to do a little soft shoe as The Donald clapped and stomped along, offering to pour whiskey from the jug down the throats of the best performers.

Take Hillary Clinton:

She’s going to the inauguration.

Yeah, I voted for her, but I did so knowing that she’s always on the wrong side of history.

She voted for war with Iraq, she called young Black kids “super predators”, a vote for her was pretty much wishing in the wind that all of her mistakes were behind her.

Meanwhile, a vote for Trump was a vote for nostalgia.

Trump voters wanted The Days That White Men Reigned to return.

Somebody should have told them that the remix, with no Hamilton, Lincoln, FDR or even Nixon, just wouldn’t be as good.

Which brings me back to John Lewis.

It would be easy to dismiss that crank as just an old nigger that can’t get enough of Obama so he’s refusing to move forward into the future.

I think the more honest thing to do however would be that once you looked at his Civil Rights record and realized that he has a history of getting his head (literally) cracked open for his beliefs , that he’s one of those men for whom the future both can’t come fast enough and is never exactly how he envisioned it when it does come.

The entire Civil Rights generation in fact was spurred on by the notion of sacrificing today in hope of a better tomorrow.

So this is nothing new for John Lewis.

This is, in fact, all he knows.

So when Donald Trump responsed to Mr. Lewis’ assertions with a couple of Tweets

we saw the telltale reaction of a bully to a would-be victim that he was unable to intimidate.

Mr. Lewis’ gamble, in this case, is that he’ll be on the right side of history and that President-elect Trump’s administration will either be an unmitigated disaster or forced into an abortive end because of some overwhelming evidence of chicanery.

And while some might believe that Mr. Lewis is foolishly risking ostracization, isolation and wrecking an entire career of service behind standing for one possibly misguided principle, add my name to the list who believe he’s betting on a sure thing.

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