Knocking Dr. King for “Hoes” & Other Tired Bullshit

You hear this type mostly when some celebrity has given to charity.

Let’s say Jay Z and Beyonce have donated $10,000 to Black Lives Matters, this type will always be like, “That it? Man, if I had their money, I’da gave like 4 or 5 million.”

Then you ask, “Well, how much did you give?”

Then they say, “I don’t have Jay Z and Beyonce money.”

Then you ask, “Well how much of your own money did you give?”

That’s when the conversation stops.

And it’s along those lines that I consider the critics of Dr. Martin Luther King, particularly the ones that criticize him because it’s accepted as almost common knowledge now that he had adulterous affairs.

These types wanna knock him not just for the affairs, but most specifically because he was an alleged man of God, a minister, having said affairs.

And while of course I agree that having extramarital affairs is wrong, unlike the vast majority of his critics, I don’t think the fact that he did have affairs significantly diminishes his accomplishments and it certainly doesn’t negate the good he did.

All men have failings.

Our dollar bills have slave-masters on them.

There’s no qualms at all when, in the bible, Judah mistakes Tamar for a hooker and fucks her.

Even Jesus had moments of doubt, one, most specifically from the cross where him implored the very Lord as to why he’d been forsaken.

But to have stood on the front line with a target on his back like Dr. King did took not only a particular kind of man, but a particular kind of courage.

Imagine convincing a bunch of niggas that need to get to work not to take the buses until they can sit anywhere they choose.

Imagine the courage it takes to march from Selma to Montgomery trying to register Black voters knowing that while anybody with you coulda got it, you were the Big Prize, knocking you off, the top priority.

Imagine being the headliner on a day 32 years before Louis Farrakhan would lead his own Million Man March, but unlike Farrakhan whose numerology became convoluted and downright confusing, rocking the house with the iconic “I have a Dream” speech, despite the fact that 54 years later, Doc’s dream is still a dream.

Then imagine sacrificing it all, your life, your love and your family for The Cause – whatever that is or was – laying down your life because you believed in equal and civil rights, putting yourself in the eye of the hurricane yet again, being at the disposal – pardon the pun – of Memphis garbage workers who needed your voice to articulate their despair, and you, as always, hustling off to be of some help when and where you could.

That time in Memphis cost him his life.

And while yeah, even though Doc’s own alleged excuse for fucking in an extramarital sense being that it allowed him to “blow off steam” was complete bullshit and he should have been above it, to watch his work be denounced to nothing by Youtubers and people blogging from the warm comforts of their mama’s basements when you know they wouldn’t do shit if somebody in their own family got killed but sit around and wait for you to start protesting, isn’t just hypocrisy, it’s cowardice; the likes of which would still having us riding at the back of the bus.

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