If You’re Kamiyah Mobley, What to Do Now?

Kamiyah Mobley is a beautiful girl.

And while that in itself is a simple enough statement, what it implies is a little more complicated.

You see, because beauty implies two things almost immediately: confidence and health.

Balls to One Direction for making a fairy tale song about a girl that doesn’t know she’s beautifulyes, she knows, she also knows exactly how her ass looks in those jeans.

And sick people can look haunting, but beautiful? No.

So if Kamiyah Mobley is both confident and healthy, what does that say about the psychopath that raised her?

That she was a good mother.

Now, understand, that that’s a fucked up thing to say, precisely because the woman that raised her was not her mother.

If you’ve been reading the news at all lately, you know that young Ms. Mobley was kidnapped from the Florida hospital in which she was born over 18 years ago by a woman named Gloria Williams and that Ms. Williams would then proceed to pretend to be her mother and Ms. Williams and boyfriend Charles Manigo would raise Ms. Mobley under the name Alexis Manigo.

Ms. Mobley’s real mother and father are named Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken, and young Ms. Mobley’s disappearance, when it first went down 18 years ago, set off a national manhunt.

And while things are all peaches and cream on one level because Ms. Mobley has recently been reunited with her birth parents which must be, in other cases sadly and tragically, the secret dream of any parent who witnesses a child disappear, there’s still the troubling issue of what to do with Ms. Williams.

Kidnapping, loony, psycho woman.

But wait, like I said, she must have been doing something right.

She raised a gorgeous kid with an easy smile who looks from pictures to be as pleasant as soft ice cream on a warm day.

And even Ms. Mobley herself has said on Facebook that Ms. Williams “raised me with everything I needed.”

The fact that now Ms. Williams is facing a possible life sentence in the bing for kidnapping and interference with custody can’t be sitting right with a young woman who probably still can’t think of her in any other terms but “Mom”.

Of course, if you’re Kamiyah’s birth parents, fuck that crazy bitch; lock her away with the men.

But Kamiyah’s word – and you’ve gotta believe it’s gonna weight heavy in the sentencing – will be important here.

So the question becomes, how much time should Gloria Williams get?

I mean, you can’t just set her free.

There’ll be maniac bitches lined up from Florida to Maine holding stolen children and saying “Gimmie 18 years to see how good of a job I do!” if you simply set Ms. Williams free.

No, you’ve got to punish her, but how much?

What’s fair?

It’s not enough to argue that young Ms. Mobley could have turned out to be a worse young women if left in her birth parent’s care, the bottom line is, those are her birth parents and she was stolen from them.

Still can you think of a number, that you think would be the right number, in years to give to Ms. Williams?

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