In Trump’s America, Even the Unemployed Homeless Will Outrank Your Non-White Working Ass

Homeless myself, I’d be a hypocrite to knock muhfuccas.

But yes, sometimes I do fall into the trap of asserting some sorta hierarchy on my shit, blessed as I am to have a job so I usually have cash and can pay for shit which, like I said, I’m grateful as fuck for.

Now, my favorite early morning spot is a 24-hour Duncan Donuts in the Bronx that, quite frankly, often doubles as a homeless shelter.

And I can’t help myself, sometimes I get tight because although I always buy shit when I first come in – then sit for hours and suck up all the wifi and wait till I’m ready to roll over to Planet Fitness down the block – there’ll be muhfuccas in there just slumped over, knocked out, avoiding the elements, no bags or cups or remnants of a cone (it’s a Baskin Robins too), no nothing.

And yesterday, me and this white dude (the guy in the red on the far right of the pic) fell into this easy conversation about music because he was singing “Do It Again” by Steely Dan and – although I’d warned myself about starting a conversation with the fool – when the next song, “Here I Am Baby” by Al Green played, I heard my voice asking, “Do you know this one too?”

And of course, it was a huge mistake.

I coudn’t get the guy to stop talking to me for the next full hour, I even had to nod my goodbyes as I slinked out the door on my way to Planet Fitness.

So this mornining, after literally months of this shit, I’m guessing Duncan Donuts finally decided to crack down and the cops showed up.

Now, I don’t know if you’re aware of the overwhelming makeup of the staffs of most New York-area Duncan Donuts, but they are, almost exclusively, comprised of Middle Easterners of either Indian or Pakistani descent.

So when the cops show up and get to kicking people out, cleary, I’m awake, have a Duncan Donuts cup (empty, but visible) right in front of me so I’m not worried, but I watch as a Black dude gets hustled along and then they come to the white guy in the red.

Immediately, he launches into an incredibly incendiary racist rant.

“Fuck those guys!” he screams at the cops about the Duncan Donuts staff.

“Goddamn Middle Easterners!”, he continues. “They come to this country… they’re the reason people like me can’t get a job in the first place!”

Now, of course I’m aware that the cops that arrested Dylann Roof bought him Burger King on the way to the station so I shouldn’t have let it surprise me, still I couldn’t help but not only shake my head but also get to working on this blog when the cops that had been sent to clear the place of homeless people, not only granted this white dude a stay, but also bought him a cup of tea!

Believe it or not, after his demonstrated and pronoucned racism, your boy the white dude in red tried to resume a musical conversation with me!

I became like Nilsson at that point.

All I heard were the echoes of my mind.


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