Welcome to the Terrordome

Props to Barack Obama for keeping us save from international terror for the last 8 years.

And even though he had to make a deal with the devil to do it, he was, in fact, the first President in the last two administrations to pull off that particular stunt.

The thing that sucks about deals with the devil however is that they’re never worth the paper they’re printed on.

That, and the fact that the fine print is in invisible ink.

So even though Obama’s gonna slink outta the White House with great approval ratings, an admirable amount of administration passed and an overall historic presidency, the fact that all that goes wrong with the Trump administration – and believe me, everything’s gonna go wrong with that shit – is gonna be pinned on The Donald’s predecessor, is gonna cause for constant reevaluation of Obama’s true legacy, which is part of the deal with the devil.

The other part is, of course, the fact that Trump is gonna be President in the first place.


Remember that shit?

Remember how it was a cornerstone of the W. Bush administration?

Remember how Bush not only won off that shit in 2000 but got re-elected in 2004 using the same shit?

Back then, it was the Taliban to be feared and since we’d already gotten the fuck bombed out of us on September 11, 2001, it was another possible international terror attack at any given moment that caused perpetual dread.

Trump, Huckster Supreme, ratcheted up all the phobias he could get his hands on; xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, even good old fashioned racism (which is another form of fear) and started passing them shits around like a phat booty coed with crabs who’s known will fuck for a Slurpee and some Sour Patch kids.

And you would think that the freedom from fear would have been liberating for the American people.

I mean, sure, hatred was back.

We hated niggers, fags and foreigners again, Obama having turned them loose on us, letting them protest, allowing them to marry and granting them some vague variation of asylum.

But we were also Number 1 again.

Say what you want about Barry’s ride, he might have been a little too friendly to foreign internationals, but there was never any question as to who ran the worldwide show.

There wasn’t no shit about no foreign country that influenced the 2008 election to put him in power, no mad Bob Marley fans in Jamaica or Kwame Nkrumah fans in Ghana behind the boards making it all happen.

The sheer absurd lunacy of a man running on a slogan of “Make America Great Again” while taking his dictates from the Kremlin is like a Howard student wearing a Harvard sweatshirt on campus and in broad daylight.

So now, in a nod to Bob Marley who himself borrowed from Halle Selassie, everywhere will be war.

Expect us to get bombed for the first time – by real or manufactured enemies – before the year is out and then to be fighting (somebody or several somebodies) all throughout the Trump administration.

Expect a serial regression in rights and you wanna take to the streets and protest?


Mass arrests.

Expect an exponential growth in the disparity between rich and poor until Melania Trump starts looking like (and maybe even quoting) Marie Antoinette and expect Trump’s family and cabinet to be the main beneficiaries.

Last, and like I’ve written before, like African-born Septimius Severus was Rome’s last great emperor, black ass Barry will be this nation’s last “real” President.

America is over.

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