Barron Trump Only LOOKS Like the Anti-Christ, Cut Him Some Slack!

Yeah, I’ve heard it too, probably coming from my own mouth.

Our new President’s youngest son is the Anti-Christ, his wife is a KGB agent, the government is a sham, and probably one out of three of these assessments – maybe even all three – is right on the money.

They can all also, admittedly, be false.

What I’d like to be false first and what I think should be given the least credence if only for the sake of decorum are the attacks on the soulless eyes and entire person of Barron, President Trump’s (first time writing that shit) 10 year-old and youngest son.

As even the mafia will tell you, going after children is never cool.

And if any kind of history is precedent, the kid will have a hard enough time – psychologically at least – adjusting to the pressures of any attempts at normalcy while his father’s in the nation’s highest office.

Shit, we just had two kids in the White House and they probably had it harder than anybody in history.

Their lives must have gone from the polar extremes of, “So Mama, it’s gonna be three times as hard for me to get ahead because I’m Black?” to “What the fuck you mean that daddy’s gonna be President?”

And they were taught to shut up, chew with their mouths closed, smile when on camera while imagining that they were always on camera, and appear to be closer to and friendlier toward each other than any siblings 3 years apart in age could ever possibly be.

They almost pulled that shit off too, till Malia hit 18 and could no longer pretend that she didn’t want to twerk, get high, party Hip Hop and act like a Real Human Life Form.

Then there were the Bush Twins that didn’t even bother to fuck around and pretend to be perfect.

They got drunk and partied the minute daddy hit the White House.

Dad being Prez just meant that most costs were comped.

Good shit.

Chelsea Clinton was an ugly, pimpled, freckled kid with a big butt when she hit the white house.

It’s years later and I haven’t seen her butt in a while.

Guess she doesn’t know that big butts became an “in” thing and that before she got married, she could have been flaunting it.

I remember her crushing on Brady Anderson and schlepping over to get an autograph back when he still played for the Orioles and had those 90210 sideburns.

He gave it to her.

I would have too.

I also would have waited a few years till she turned 18 and fucked her ugly ass, but that’s me.

I like big butts.

And of course, what mockery of White House children would be complete without a take on the Kennedy kids?

Caroline seems to have turned out pretty normal.

But poor little John-John

First, it took him 3 attempts to pass his bar exam, then, tragically, he believed himself to be a far better aviator than actually proved out.

The American public seemed to cut them slack from the door, first because they were literally babies when their pops hit office, then because of the monstrous way their pops departed office.

Let’s hope the people fucking with Barron – and they are legion – don’t need as a justification to leave the kid alone his pops leaving office in a similarly gruesome manner.

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