Barry, Will, Eddie, Denzel, Mahershala, & Taraji Need to G’Head and Remake “Uptown Saturday Night”

Back in 2002, I didn’t know what to think when I’d heard that Will Smith had bought the rights to the Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier trilogy of comedies from the 70’s.

The second of those three, Lets Do it Again, is my favorite movie.

But I guess when I heard that Will was getting Denzel Washington involved, I relaxed a little.

I mean, it was almost understood that Will would play the Cosby role, Denzel the Poitier.

Still, it’s 15 later and… nothing.

If you’ve never seen the original, it’s worth checking, here for clarity, or even below in that minimized format until you can get yourself in a position to see it on a wide screen.


And you know what?

I’m actually glad Will and Denzel didn’t give it a shot yet because we’ve probably never been as equipped as far as talent is concerned to remake those movies as we are right now.

I mean, George Clooney and his team seemed to pick the perfect moment and cast to give that old Sinatra and the Rap Pack vehicle, Ocean’s 11, another go.

With Uptown Saturday Night, Harry Belafonte, Flip Wilson, Harold Nicholas, Paula Kelly and Richard Pryor all had supporting roles!

The only way to even attempt a remake would be to absolutely load it with Black talent.

And right now, that’s exactly what can be done.

With director Barry Jenkins being as hot as he is and should-be Oscar winner Mahershala Ali being as hot as he is, there couldn’t be a better time to strike and if all went well, you’d be looking at a box office gate of anywhere between 300k, to half a billion dollars.

Think about it, you’d have a movie that pretty much cast itself, with actors and comedians likely to actually come clamoring for roles like rappers did for the movie Who’s the Man?

And forget art.

2017 has been such an artist peak in Black film that everybody involved in this particular project would be forgiven for making a movie strictly for commerce.

Plus, who doesn’t wanna finally see a Black all-star cast?

If I were casting it, I’d go like this:

  • Denzel – Steven Jackson
  • Will – Wardell Franklin
  • Eddie – Geechie Dan Buford
  • Mahershala – Silky Slim
  • Dave Chappelle – The Reverend
  • Chris Rock – Sharp Eye Washington
  • Taraji – Sarah Jackson
  • Andre Braugher – Congressman Lincoln
  • Beyonce – Leggy Peggy
  • Gabrielle Union – Madame Zenobia
  • Kevin Hart – Little Seymour
  • Shaq – Big Percy

And Will Smith needs this kind of movie.

Whoring himself in obvious Oscar bait while knowing there’s a role that he would have gotten an Oscar for but turned down, Django, has to haunt him .

Has anyone seen his newest dreck?

Does anyone plan to?

Denzel could use it too.

After Fences, which was, without a doubt, his un-sexiest appearance ever on camera, how bout a comedy?

How long has it been, Denzel?

The Might Quinn?

One thing, tho: dump Tim Dowling as the writer.

After reading that he wants to style the whole thing similar to The Hangover, it’s clear that he is not the man to make this movie.

What’s wrong with Richard Wesley, Howard University product and screenwriter for the original?

Or just get Barry to write it as well as direct it.

He’s done that before.

Little film called Moonlight.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

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