Y’all Gon Learn Today: Hov Ain’t No Idiot

Everything I predicted about the Trump administration is coming to pass.

He’s gonna control the media, he’s gonna shut down protesters, he’s gonna pattern his administration after Nazi Germany; yep, I wrote that over a year ago.

Check the date.

And I would hope if you were reading between the lines and also Black that I’d warned you to shut the fuck up.

This ain’t our fight.

We ain’t got the money and shouldn’t even really have the interest.

Shit, they’re about to start giving niggas Mandela numbers for protesting and they’re already suggesting fines of upward of $10,000.

Who’s got that kinda cash to pay?

Rich white kids that can hit daddy up repeatedly, not your Black ass.

All the problems we have in the Black community and once again we’re being asked to trot out in defense of somebody else’s agenda.

“Forget that your own house is on fire, Nigger! Run out and put out fires around the world!”

Well, no.

Not a good idea.

Ain’t got a dollar in reparations, and heard shit about how to fix the disproportions in prison sentencing and incarceration, no jobs in the hood and I’m supposed to march?

For what?

My uncle used to say that the first thing they teach new immigrants when they come to America was how to say the word “Nigger”, just to let them know that there’d always be somebody below them and now I’m supposed to hit the front lines when I’ve personally been treated like I didn’t matter by muhfuccas that didn’t even speak the language?

Uh… lemme get back to you on that one.

And yes, it is foul what Trump is doing, nobody’s arguing counter.

I’m just maintaining that he isn’t Black America’s primary concern.

The best we could hope for from dude would be to be entirely left alone and ignored.

Maybe some of them jobs he’s bragging about his ability to create will come our way.

Maybe he’ll fill those jails with “illegal” – funny how that’s the first word in their descriptive – “aliens” and cut niggas some slack.

Maybe we’ll even leave the Eye of the Hurricane for the first time since the Indians occupied it.

But we simply cannot act like it’s all good and we’ve got the same rights or interest in protesting and all that other crazy shit as white people can and do.

Like I said, we don’t have the resources and we’ll be the ones that get football numbers when the sentencing comes.

Which nigga’s got a parent influential enough to explain to a judge that his kid is just “misguided” and the judge, remembering that he went to college and joined the same frat as that particular parent, gets the picture?

No nigga, your ass, arrested for the same crime, at the same protests, becomes a deranged degenerate who should be locked away as long as the prison doors hold.

We’re looking at the potential for state-sanctioned repression of a caliber for which maybe only our great grandparents have a frame of reference.

So yeah, when Jay Z was talking about his upcoming Kalief Browder documentary which is currently at Sundance and a reporter asked him about Donald Trump and Hov moved that fool right along to the next question, I was proud of him.

Non-Black people love to say that Black people should “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”.

Well, Trump is your bootstraps, white people.

And we ain’t about to touch that muhfucca.

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