Chicago, Don’t Snitch & Trump Sending in the Feds


Forgive me for not completely trusting everything I hear about how psychotic niggas in the city of Chicago are.

I mean, I’ve only been there once, but I did manage to make it out alive.

And yes, we are so dense a people that we actually brag about how rampant crime is in our particular neighborhoods as proof of our own individual validity.

But the one maybe no-so-obvious drawback to the Black People’s code of omertà or Don’t Snitch and Stop Snitching is that it leaves Black people totally exposed to all crime, not just crimes committed by our very own Black criminals.

And of course Don’t Snitch, as everyone knows by now, was way more intended as a criminal code of conduct and not some civilian entity meaning that conspiring criminals were not supposed to snitch on each other, but if some little old lady looking out the window saw you beat that girl up, your ass should be on its way to jail.

Also of course, since this code has been manipulated so grievously, that no one can ever say anything to the cops about anything at all.

So with this understood, forgive me if I doubt that every single one of the “unsolved” murders and shootings attributed to niggas, usually as gang members, are actually their doing.

Understand that Chicago was fried egg on former President Obama’s face the entire time that he was in office.

I mean, this was his home district, and look how out of control it was!

Why, he’d even sent his man, former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, into town as mayor to clean the place up and nothing has come of it yet.

Now President Trump comes along to threaten that if the city of Chicago doesn’t get itself together, he’ll send in the Feds.

That would work.

The only time Martial Law fails is when successful revolution is eminent.

And what a feather in Trump’s cap that would be if he succeeds in cleaning up Obama’s home district when even Obama himself couldn’t do it.

But, like I said, forgive me for being skeptical.

I mean, I’m aware of situations where Black people were used as pawns for the social and medical sciences beyond the Tuskegee Experiment.

If I’m right, this this very same ploy was once attempted before though this time unsuccessfully as the federal government began a misinformation campaign that pitted Chicago’s Blackstone Rangers verses Fred Hampton’s Chicago Black Panther Party but Hampton himself was such a dynamic, charismatic man that he was able to single-handedly diffuse any potential beef.

And, of course, there was the killing of Hampton in his bed by the Chicago police although they would have had us believe that he’d died as a result of a shootout.

So maybe while it’s a shame that there’s been no leader of Hampton-caliber appeal to rise in Chicago and call for a ceasefire, maybe Hampton’s life and death itself is serving as enough of a cautionary tale.

Because let’s say some dynamic young person were able to get everybody to chill but the murders still persisted.

Could there be any doubt then that there’d been some kind of outside input all along?


And then when Trump rode in on his White Horse and shut everything down, would he warrant a Hero’s Welcome?

And would we, like we initially applauded Hillary Clinton’s 94 Crime Bill, give one to him?

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