Jessica Williams Needs a Man & Other Thoughts from a Confirmed Chauvanist


Tragically, I can’t know everything so there’s times when I’m blindsided by phenomenon that other people are totally up on, but luckily, I’m a quick study, I brush up and I’m usually an expert by the time that people that started ahead of me are just reaching advanced.

So, with all today’s buzz, I was like, “Who the fuck is Jessica Williams?”

Then I saw her and my first thought was like, “Uh oh…”

Pretty as fuck but the braids?



Then I started reading some of the quotes.

First thing out of the girl’s mouth was her defense of being “a person of color, or a transgender person…”

And yes, I do get tired of always being right.

If you’re speaking for your own Black ass, speak as a Black woman.

Let the trannies have their own voices.

Also – and I’ve made this point so many times it’s like I’m constantly reintroducing myself – if you’re speaking as a Black anything, you need to be outnumbered.

The only time niggas become “Black people” is when there’s more non-Blacks around than there are of us.

If your crowd is all niggas, then nobody’s Black.

Most importantly, if you’re completely alone, you shouldn’t have a race or gender; you, should simply be you.

But Jessica Williams, from what I’ve been reading, is one of those types that’s a BLACK WOMAN when she’s home by herself in pajamas with the TV on.

Then there was this:

Now, while believing in the plausible existence of “average” Black people is barely tolerable from white people, it’s completely inexcusable from Black people.

We should know us better than that.

Also, of all the forms of mastery that exist, the most impressive to me – especially since I’ve never gotten the shit right myself – is mastery in a relationship.

So it’s despite not knowing her work from the The Daily Show at all, I can draw this grim conclusion: Jessica Williams needs a man, but most specifically, a Black man.

Now, the reason I specified that she needs a Black man is because in all likelihood, that’s exactly the kind of man that she’s not gonna end up with.

Her belief in the existence of “average” Black people coupled with the simultaneous belief that she’s not one of them already categorizes her, for my money, among that group of niggas that thinks they’re on some tier above the best of niggas but still below the worst of white people.

This type enters interracial relationships for validation.

And they always seem to carry some inexplicable chip on their shoulders.

Now, logically you’d imagine that chip is due to the conditions of their fellow Blacks, but in reality, it just pisses them off that they are their fellow Blacks.

They’ve read the White Supremacist’s Charter and instead of laughing that shit into obsolescence,  lamented realizing they could never join.

Because it’s White Supremacy, masking itself as liberalism, that works overtime convincing us not only that Black men and women don’t need or love each other, but even more criminally, that we shouldn’t even like each other.

And amazingly enough, some of us believe this bullshit.

That’s why the liberals have turned on Beyonce, why they hate LeBron and why they can’t stand any other nigga who doesn’t just see her or himself as the best Black but the best, period and have chosen mates that reflect that belief.

So while I wish some spectacular nigga onto Jessica Williams, I’m convinced she’d be more than happy to settle for any “average” white boy.

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