Black History Month Fact: Booker T. Washington Ain’t Fuck With Liberals and Neither Do I

I’ma do this freehand without no research which probably means I’m also gonna do a lot of lying, but bear with me.

Aside from the great school, The Tuskegee Institute, that he founded – which I got accepted to, by the way, I just chose another great HBCU to attend – Booker T. Washington had a lot of great ideas which probably makes him, after Marcus Garvey, my favorite muhfucca born on this goddamn continent.

Now I am gonna give you a real quote: “Cast down your buckets where you are.”

He really did say that shit.

And what it means is, nigga, wherever you are currently is where you can start building.

Now of course, you know, I got into Booker T. a lot later and since he seemed to be at odds with a lot of other dudes I more generally fucked with, I thought he was a Tom or some sort of sellout.

I mean, DuBois ain’t agree with his shit.

At the time, DuBois was more rocking with the Liberal Elite and the “Talented 10th” concept that the best and brightest among niggas could gradually ease our way into society and then subsequently drag the rest of you niggas along, behind, vaguely out of view but certainly in person.

Booker T. seemed like he just wanted niggas to be farmers.

So it was with what Toni Morrison calls “a jaundiced eye” that I got around to picking up Booker T’s famous book, Up From Slavery, and finally read that shit.

Man, that book made me mad as fuck!

I didn’t disagree with a goddamn thing he said!

And how exactly was I supposed to continue to hate a nigga that I couldn’t disagree with?

And see, that’s the thing and this is the whole thing about liberals and how they’ve been ripping us off and exploiting us, convincing us that we really were some sort of subspecies that needed relaxed entrance requirements and lowered standards to be competitive.

But first, I’m not gonna fuck around like Booker T. ain’t take no cash from no white people.

Shit, you ‘re giving me money to keep niggas away from white society, I’m taking that shit too and telling niggas “Don’t go over there. They’re on some funny shit. Some white shit. It’s bullshit.”

But what Booker T. saw and what we all should see is that we’re beautiful and we’re capable and that there’s absolutely nothing anybody’s ever done anywhere that we should be envious of or feel inferior to because we could just as easily build the same shit and accomplish what we will.

And we could do it, most importantly, from where we were.

Just like we’d done with Black Wall Street.

This is why Booker T. gets fucked over in history by liberals with some going as far as to suggest he was anti-integration and other such nonsense.

Nah nigga, Booker T. just knew that if integration were to ever really be achieved, it should be achieved in a way that we could be proud of, because our talents and our brains were substantial enough that we could be requested to join into a mixed society rather than the liberal way, which is making us feel that we needed the alleged “greater” society and that with constant coddling and lots of welfare and social programs, we could slowly progress in our domestication from the level of lower tier pets, to cause-supporting, voting pets, so long as we supported their causes and voted for their candidates.

And how’s that worked out?


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