Is Beyonce a Role Model?

I actually remember the Nike commercial that LeBron dissed Charles Barkley over and I got it’s point even tho I didn’t agree with it.

Like it or not, the very act of being on television, as somebody like Robert Pirsig might tell you, makes you a role model by default.

With so many people basically dying to be on television, your landing there proves – to them, at least – that you must have done something right.

So I guess the issue of whether or not Beyonce is, indeed, a role model simply can’t be denied, but what has to be considered or reconsidered is whether or not she is, in fact, the kind of role model that we, or rather, young Black girls need.

Well, let’s see…

If we were to launch into a diatribe about the value of work ethic and needed an example of someone with a great one, sure, we could name Serena Williams who, coming off her 23rd Grand Slam title is now the winningest female player in the history of tennis.

We could pick Ava Duvernay or now rejoice in what we know of Katherine Johnson.

Surely, Toni Morrison’s been cranking them out at a respectable rate, especially when you consider the quality of her work, Viola Davis is sublime and Taraji may never get an Oscar but her range as evidenced by the diversity of her choices is positively Streep-like.

But when it comes to that stage…

And yeah, Aretha had a better voice, and arguably, peak-for-peak, Aretha made the better music, but when you combine the music with the performances, it’s not even close, Aretha, sorry, bye.

Also, despite Aretha pulling off one of my favorite turns as Matt “Guitar” Murphy’s wife in The Blues Brothers, people have hated, but for my money, Beyonce’s work in Dreamgirls was Oscar-caliber (don’t @ me).


Work ethic?

Yeah, I’m gonna hafta say that on drive, quality and output levels, Beyonce is certainly someone to look up to.

Now how bout her personal life?

I mean, we’re currently living in a world where one reality star became a star from a sex tape and another became President.

Surely, no one is actually expected to live clean personal lives anymore, right?

Well, what was the last Beyonce scandal?

Who’d she cheat on Jay Z with?

Who was she caught in compromising positions with?

Can we even confirm that she ever even had sex before marriage?

In Tiger Woods we’ve seen what it can be like when your father meticulously manages your life and your career and then leaves you to your own devices.

With Beyonce we’ve watched a young woman become a full woman that never, not even for a moment, lost control of her instrument.

She’s also lived in a way that should, on it’s face, give proof the lie that she’s somehow a member of the Illuminati.

Remember, the Illuminati are supposed to lead the masses into decadence.

Beyonce has managed to live a very private life as a very public person with no hint of scandal, intrigue, disorder or disharmony and now, as it was announced today, she’s due to give birth to twins, her second and third child with the man she married, all born after she was married.

So is it possible that Beyonce’s not a role model?

Only if you’re the type chick whose goals are, well, you know, basic.

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