Trump’s White Supremacist Gamble

On the surface, all this fool is doing is keeping another of his campaign promises, but in reality, this clown done fucked himself in the ass worse than if his own dick could reach back there.

By, ahem, “revamping” the Countering Violent Extremism division to focus on nothing other than Islamic Extremism, he’s giving what’s traditionally been America’s most psychotic and discontented group – white men – a pass.

This, despite numbers suggesting that almost 75% of the terrorism committed in this country is all them.

What’s being used as logic here is so shortsighted that it’s almost embarrassing.

It’s like imagining that I were a member of #BlackLivesMatters and Deray McKesson got elected President of the United States.

Sure, I should think that things would change but not wholesale and immediate changes.

I’d be a fool to think that and worse yet, so would Deray.

Obama had to learn that the hard way.

When he thought he could weight in on Skip Gates arrest up at Harvard and when he had the temerity to say that Trayvon Martin could have been him 35 years before, white America let him know right quick that they didn’t elect him to take none of that nigger shit off his ass and they’d start looking for ways and excuses for impeachment if he wasn’t smart enough to knock it off.

Similarly, in Trump’s misguided thinking, White Supremacists now imagine that the President is “one of us” and they might even act as sort of a barrier group or “second police force” and help protect America from it’s many external enemies.

He is, of course, making about as big a fucking fatal mistake as the Rolling Stones did when they hired the Hells Angels to be the security force at Altamont.

Sure, America’s police force is psychotic, but they weren’t hired to be psychotic.

They were hired, for the imagined purpose at least, of preserving Law and Order.

The problem now with granting White Supremacists a pass is that it’s not like they’re all of a sudden gonna become anywhere close to normal citizens.

Oh no, expect them to get way worse.

Expect them to both attempt and commit murder with believed immunity and rape – which only white college boys used to get away with – will be back with a, well, not “passion” because passion isn’t known to be the motivator of rape, now is it?

It’ll just be back.

What will be the worst thing perhaps or what will at least finally get the attention of our sitting President will be when one of these groups decides that they shouldn’t pay for certain shit because the business that produces that shit isn’t white-owned.

Now we’ll see our Trump at a quandary.

Does he let the White Supremacists rock under the veil or racial unity as non-white owned companies begin to fear for their profit margins and potentially abandon America?

Or does he remember that his highest calling, higher even than his call to serve the country in which he was elected President, is as a businessman and if as such he knowingly lets a business, any business anywhere suffer or go unprotected from hooliganism and vice, then he’ll have to renounce that title, which we could far easier picture him resigning as President before he’d do.

My prediction is that Trump the Businessman will swing into action and that White Supremacists, feeling abandoned and betrayed will leave little room for doubt as to who will be behind the next massive and savage attack on America.

Here’s a hint: it won’t be no Muslims.


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