A HBCU Could NEVER Get Away With the Madness that Went Down at Berkeley

This ties in to my reasoning on why Black people should sit out any Trump protests but if you missed or didn’t quite get that, I’ll restate: not only should Black people know well enough that we’re always policed differently and far more aggressively than anybody else, but when sentencing occurs, we’re more likely to look at real long stretches while our white counterparts might be released on their own reconnaissance.

Donald Goines famously wrote White Man’s Justice, Black Man’s Grief, but what needs to be written is a book called White Student’s Prank, Black Student’s Crime.

Supply your own reasoning, but this country feels an almost pathological need to “keep a lid” on Black people.

You can imagine that it would willingly allow itself to fall into any other hands; Russia-controlled puppet leaders, unrepentant psychotic demigods, highly sexualized fembots from the planet Uranus, anybody but niggas.

One almost gets the feeling that if a new race and creed of people were to suddenly appear on the scene, they’d still, almost by natural law, be assigned a higher position than Black people on the American totem pole.

And it’s with this as an understanding that I should know better than to allow it to surprise me when I read shit like I read in an editorial about The University of California at Berkeley, a school that, by inviting to speak deranged Leslie Jones-hating right-wing homosexual Milo Yiannopoulos, caused the famed icon of liberal higher learning to fall into rioting and despair led by:

masked provocateurs. Most were attacking those peaceful protesters — punching, kicking, destroying property, igniting fires and throwing rocks. The school’s cops, overwhelmed, had no choice but to cancel the speech.

And of course, it was that last part that got me.

You never hear or read about cops being “overwhelmed” when they’re dealing with Black people.

Oh no, they initially bring enough ammunition and backup to ride out a small war against a tiny rogue nation.

And they never succumb to the will of the mob either.

No, Blacks are the people for whom it must always and continually be demonstrated that dissent will not be tolerated.

So imagine Hampton or Grambling, FAMU or Alcorn inviting some nut, maybe Kellyanne Conway, to speak and then subsequently some niggas took the shit too personally and decided to start wildin.

Not only would the show definitely go on, but every single protester would be beaten to within an inch of his and her life, they’d be held on nothing short of $10,000 bail, face with no exception save bail potential 30-day prison sentences, and instead of being charged with something borderline innocuous like disturbing the peace, be given all the felonious recriminations involved with incitement to riot, vandalism, and hey, if Ms. Conway actually showed her pretty blonde head while any of the shit was going on, possibly even attempted murder.

So again, I’m glad that not too many niggas have been silly enough to allow left-wing provocateurs to shift the burden of their heavy lifting as far as their own Trump protesting onto our already overtaxed shoulders.

HBCU kids need some of those jobs Trump keeps bragging about his ability to create.

What they don’t need are the kinds of prison records that would limit them to work where being on “fries” would represent a promotion.

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