George Orwell, Kellyanne Conway & The Bowling Green Massacre

It’s been well over a decade since I read 1984 so I can’t quite remember the name of the fictitious countries Orwell used.

For the sake of argument, let’s use continents and call have them “Asia” and “Africa”.

In any event, there was one segment in the book where, during the time of Big Brother, Orwell depicted a government-controlled media so simultaneously corrupt and controlling that it would tell its citizens one day that their home country was at war with Asia and had always been at war with Asia, then turn around the very next day and tell their home country that it was at war with Africa and had always been at war with Africa.

By that point, the story’s hero Winston Smith is so thoroughly indoctrinated that he can only consider this jarring inconsistency as a mildly annoying crisis of memory.

Life comes at you fast.

And with bill to pay, who cares who we’re at war with?

This is precisely the mentality that Donald Trump and his administration are counting on.

He’s already gotten many if not most of us to shrug off the fact that he owes his very presidency to Russian tampering.

As more and more of us give up, in, and decide to just finish the ride, the fight having gone out of us, expect more of that shit that former Trump campaign manager, current adviser Kellyanne Conway tried to pull yesterday.

And don’t be ridiculous.

If you think for a minute that Ms. Conway’s description of the time that a couple Iraqi nationals were arrested in Bowling Green, Kentucky as the “Bowling Green Massacre” was either a mistake or a slip of the tongue than you haven’t been paying attention.

Don’t get me wrong, those Iraqis were up to no good.

They were actually trying to send money and bomb-making materials to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

But they ain’t as much as sneeze on an American citizen here domestically.

So “massacre”?


Still, the very fact that she used that term and then subsequently, the term itself became somewhat of a byword, being mocked relentlessly on social media was a goal accomplished.

It’s now a part of the lexicon.

It won’t be long before people hear it down the road and are unable to remember clearly whether it was just a joke or if there really was a massacre.

There are, I know from asking around, still people that think we went to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussien had “weapons of mass destruction“.

So basically, we all have three choices:

  1. Go with the flow
  2. Go crazy
  3. Police your memories

The first, of course, is only the easiest if you’re an idiot.

But if you’re reading this, you’re not, so it’s simply not an option.

The second, is as often one-trauma triggered as it is a way that you were born.

That’s why you so often hear of people that were “pushed the over the edge” by something that “sent them off the deep end” and was ultimately their “tipping point”.

Something that happens during the Trump administration could very well be yours.

The third option would be to simply reverse a video device and record yourself saying everything that you currently know including all the personal shit.

Then, if Trump’s presidency ever ends, check and see how much of what you once knew is still the same.

By that point, however, we all might be so far gone that you’d be convinced that the tape you recorded had been made by a clone.

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