Gaga’s Dead Halftime Performance Makes Me Miss the Black Panthers

Ok, if there’s any props to be given, it’s for the fact that Lady Gaga started her Super Bowl 51 halftime performance from the top of NRG stadium.

I’m afraid of heights, so I coulda never tried no shit like that.

Then… nothing.

I mean, it’s not like I was expecting some overt protest or an artist’s State of the Union, but for a performer that’s made her living as, if not the voice of the disenfranchised, then at least a representative of outcasts worldwide, for my money, Lady Gaga consciously avoided taking a position on today’s hottest topic of division; our current Commander-in-Chief.

And don’t get me wrong, I, for one, ain’t surprised.

Like I’ve been predicting, since, like, 2015, once repression hits, it’s everybody for themselves.

This “resistance” that everybody thinks has roots in genuine sociopolitical concern is just the latest fad and will play out once Trump fakes a terrorist attack or starts a war.

Then we’ll all be, pardon the pun, patriots again, time to rally round the flag, rally round the red, white, blue and… (dollar bill) green.

And don’t sleep as if that wasn’t a motivator too.

Not saying that Lady Gaga’s a sellout, but in the short term at least, it was far more lucrative to not make waves and position herself as a sort of safe, corporation-friendly artist than to, like fellow Italian diva Madonna, threaten to blow up the White House.

And let me give some props before I forget and not act like I’m not a fan; you forget how thorough the bitch’s category is!

Gaga’s got some shit, some classics!

When she got to rattling off hits, she got you thinking she could go on forever like she was Paul McCartney or maybe Beyonce who, merely thinking about, makes me reminiscent of a time where chance-taking was still in vogue and protests were still not only accepted but positively promoted.

But no, now Beyonce’s a pregnant-with-twins married mom-of-one.

Expect her and husband Hov to ride out this Trump administration from the sidelines.

Direct confrontation, at least immediately, will be met with too much resistance.

The only kinds of artists that would dare to take on Trump head-to-head are either irrelevant, crazy, or so ingeniously subversive that only the very enlightened will even be sure that what they just watched/read/listened to was some form of protest.

And genuine protest will come.

Eventually, they’ll start turning up everywhere.

Still, it’ll take more than a few days before the chic artistic protests get replaced by the real thing.

Remember, Hitler had been in power for a full 7 years before even Charlie Chaplain risked to make The Great Dictator.

And maybe it’ll take about that long before the likes of Lady Gaga remember that the kind of people on whom she’s built a career; the gays, the disenfranchised, the bullied and voiceless and battered women, could use her to stand up and declare that in the face of whatever opposition is to come, they can count on her to be on the front lines using her celebrity to constantly bring attention to any situations in which right has been imperiled.

In the meantime tho, looks like she’ll just be padding her bank account.

And bullshit aside, what’s more American than that?

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