Trump and Brady Are Only Delaying the Inevitable

I don’t give a fuck what that idiot Mel Kiper says, the best quarterback prospect in the 2017 NFL Draft is Clemson’s Deshaun Watson, hands down.

I mean, we just watched the young man bring his team from 10 points down to win a National Championship against heavily favored Alabama, throwing for 420 yards and 3 touchdowns while also running one in and I’m supposed to believe that North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky is a better pro prospect?

Non-Negro, please!

You can talk all you want about “mechanics” and “arm strength” and a bunch of other shit that’s only quantifiable by calibrated instruments of measurement, but knowing how to win is the single greatest quality that an athlete can have.

It’s also why I always wanna pull my nose hair out whenever some jackass starts arguing that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever and using his 6 championships as justification, then when I mention Bill Russell and his 11 chips, they back peddle.

Then they start talking about shit other than winning, giving you alternative facts and hidden figures.

And Tom Brady benefits from the same bullshit as Jordan.

Don’t get me wrong, winning 5 rings is some real live shit.


Even though “Baby-Daddy” Tom has, like Russell, watched all his teammates change around him since he won his first in 2001, head coach Bill Belichick’s been there for the entire ride.

And it’s genuinely arguable whether winning 5 is a more impressive feat than winning as a starter with two entirely different franchises, coaches and systems like Peyton Manning did when he won with the Colts in 2007, then with the Broncos last year.

Also, Brady’s team wins without him.

Not only did they go 11-5 in 2008 when Brady got hurt in Game 1 and was lost for the rest of the season, but they started this season 3-1 while Brady was serving a suspension for making NFL game balls more Nerf-like.

Again, compare that with Manning who saw his Colts go 2-14 in 2011 when he sat out the season due to neck surgery after having gone 10-6 the season before.

But regardless, I’ve strayed from making my racist point which is this: it’s almost over for The White Man in sports and he knows it.

That’s why he went so hard and celebrated so much for Brady, while, interestingly enough, casting Atlanta’s also very white Matt Ryan as some sort of Great Black Hope.

However, the numbered days of the athletic white man are not due, as so many would argue, to their genetic inferiority, but to the perceived lack of options for Black athletes.

If you’ve got a cushy job with dad to fall back on, you’re simply not gonna go as hard as some nigga for whom it’s ball or starve.

So I would suggest this since I happen to like certain white athletes – Kristaps Porzingis, anyone? – stop treating Black intellectuals like freaks, White America (and Black America too, when we do that stupid bullshit).

If a nigga tells you he wants to be a programmer or a scientist or or write code or be an astronaut encourage him (or her)!

Never even make race an issue because then you’ve already limited his potential and segregated his prospects.

Just let him rock.

Or don’t.

Cuck porn is a major industry, white genocide, though preposterous, has a firm following and a whole generation has begun to see white males as less than men because they can’t seemingly compete as far as physicality with Black men.

So prepare yourself to give straight answers, white boi, to the most lascivious question ever posed onscreen:

Where iz dey indeed?

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