Why This Bozo Did NOT Kill Karina Vetrano

First of all, let’s start off by saying that this jackass deserves about 50 years in jail.

But not because, as per confession, he killed young, hot Howard Beach, New York jogger Karina Vetrano.

Oh no, 20 year-old Chanel Lewis deserves to rot in prison because his dumb ass lied about killing her just to feel important.

This fool wanted his name in the paper.

He wanted to be known as a bad enough muhfucca to murk somebody, instead of the herb (forgive the old-school terminology) you can tell from looking at him that he is.

If you know anything about East New York, Brooklyn – where Chanel Lewis hails from and where I was king during my real estate days – you know it and Brownsville are pretty much the only two predominantly Black enclaves left in the borough.

Subsequently as such, most of the area is considered “hood”.

Now, as anybody that’s from a hood knows, there’s always some offbeat dude that doesn’t fit in.

He’s such a corn that usually nothing is even profited by fucking with him.

And this dude, like a Black McLovin, usually wants nothing more than to be seen as some sorta thug.

Chanel Lewis, 20 year-old living with his 70 year-old father, honor student from a high school that specialized in kids with emotional problems, is obviously such a dude.

He is, just like I predicted in my very first post about Ms. Vetrano, a modern George Whitmore Jr.

I felt that this clown wasn’t the real killer from the time I first saw his pic.

He admitted to killing young Ms. Vetrano because he alleges that he was “angry”, but Ms. Vetrano was also raped; and this was something that Chanel would not admit to.

Then I knew he wasn’t the killer.

In video tapes of the Central Park 5, all of them young and dumb and being coerced into confessions for a crime they ultimately didn’t commit, one by one they admitted to certain things they allegedly did to the beaten jogger, but when it came time to admit to the rape, they all pointed fingers.

Rape ain’t hood

Rape ain’t gangster.

Rape is deviant and sick, something even criminals have no respect for.

There could be no street credibility for a rapist, and no way that Chanel Lewis would claim it.

Plus, at only 140 pounds, hardcore fitness enthusiast Karina Vetrano woulda probably bust his punk ass!

So sadly, the murder remains unsolved (even tho Chanel Lewis’s silly ass is definitely gonna go to jail for it).

The rape charge will likely even cause him to retract his confession, though in vain.

Even more sadly, I still suspect Ms. Vetrano’s own family had something to do with her murder.

Never mind that Karina was killed the one day that her father chose not to run with her – which he normally did – something about their emotions just seems off.

Also, no eyewitnesses to a crime that would involve a presumably loud rape – thinking that the victim would at least be screaming – and beating in an at least reasonably trafficked area and the only connection made to Mr. Lewis aside from the alleged DNA sample is that a cop, one John Russo, remembers him behaving suspiciously in the area?

That’s suspicious.

And no, not because Russo, like Vetrano, is a presumably Italian surname (I’m saving my racism for other posts), it’s just too coincidental.

A really good detective would check and see if the Vetranos had a life insurance policy out on their daughter.

Then maybe check to see if they were in debt.

Just saying.

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