The Knicks Did Oakley Dirtiest AFTER They Had Him Thrown Out and Arrested

Realistically, we’re left to imagine that exploring, conquering, colonizing and enslaving are the provenance of real men and that natives, aborigines and, of course, niggas have no choice but to play the role of “other”.

Furthermore, a certain spinelessness is expected or at least expected to be produced in those that aren’t real men which allows for them to accept their roles without too much of a fuss.

Thus established, this is considered the “natural order” and produces a circular logic so extreme that terms like drapetomania, which we leaned via our readings of Ta-Nehisi Coates, were invented to describe the “mental disorder” that caused slaves to run away.

And that logic persist today.

How else to describe how niggas continue to endure disproportionately violent policing, prison sentencing and opportunities as far as jobs and housing while doing nothing more to change the system than forming clever little hashtags?

Of course, not every nigga gets down like that.

Oh no, some are what was once known as “bad” or “crazy” niggers.

“Bad” and “crazy” niggers are throw backs to the old tropes which suggested that any nigga that didn’t willfully submit to what was believed to be his place wasn’t just asserting his manhood, but actually initiating insurrection.

These were the types of niggers you shot on sight or lynched long ago or made sure to put in prisons and mental institutions up until today.

And sometimes “bad” and “crazy” niggers aren’t that way from birth.

Sometimes a nigga’s just had too much, bugs out, goes a full Howard Beale, and either can’t or refuses to take it anymore.

We saw that yesterday as Charles Oakley attended the Knicks vs. Clippers game at Madison Square Garden.

Now, maybe only Black people can attest to the fact that when police and other “authority” figures approach us, we may get distance and a polite “excuse me, Sir” one out of twenty times, but we’re far more likely to get a “hey, buddy” accompanied by something as jarring as an arm grab.

And in the footage, Oakley, a 10-year Knick vet, is already triggered.

Rumor is Oakley said a few words from a distance to Knicks owner James Dolan and Dolan subsequently moved to have him thrown out.

The throwing our part didn’t go too smoothly.

I’m betting Oakley got approached with a grabby “hey Buddy.”

Nevertheless, the real damage done to Oakley was not his removal from the game or even his subsequent arrest, it was this statement issued by the Knicks:

I mean, at the very least, a man that was a part of the ’94 Knick team that reached the NBA Finals should have been given the benefit of having the situation described as an “unfortunate misunderstanding”.

By implying that Oakley needs “help”, the Knicks returned those old tropes, putting Oakley in a position that could fuck up future business arrangements and turn him into a persona non grata league wide.

Worse yet, since he’s been arrested and has a court case pending, who knows if he’ll eventually face anything as serious as jail time?

And don’t get me wrong, while it would be fair to surmise that society at large would rather that no modern male exercise his manhood to the fullest and live in a manner that was threatening if only because such freedom would reinforce the truth that the rest of us were indeed not free, niggas must always be the last to chose this path.

Niggas are America’s bottom stone.

And if the bottom stone becomes undone, the whole wall collapses.

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