The Only Problem With “Alpha Women” is that they May Not Have the Hot Hand

Despite my grim prognostications about the couple’s future, I adore Jay Z and Beyonce if only because they seem to get what so many other people miss about relationships: teamwork.

While a lessor man woulda been in his feels about how big a star his wife had become while his own career was now more or less of an afterthought, one gets the image of Jay Z playing point, Steph Curry-happy watching Beyonce score and score and even score some more.


The thing about those two tho, is that the whole thing might have been by design.

Hov was already the King of Hip Hop while Beyonce, ex girl-group member, was still duking it out for relevance as a soloist against the likes of Ashanti, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys.

So you can imagine that when pushing the Hip Hop No Man’s Land of 40 years-old, Hov starting thinking about easing out while simultaneously colonizing a larger part of the game for his spouse.

Therefore, would it be too much to give them both credit as far as the forethought it took to consolidate their efforts in making Queen Bey number 1?

Not tryna call Hov a complete Svengali, but you’d hafta imagine that he’s had a hand in almost all family-based musical decisions including Beyonce’s charter for post-millennial female empowerment, Lemonade.

Simply, and of late especially, Beyonce’s had the hot hand.

Now, chauvinist that I am, even I’ll readily call bullshit on Suzanne Venker for opining on Fox News’ website that women have become too “Alpha” and are potentially scaring away love because of their alleged aversion to simply being “wives”.

She’s just playing apologist for those limp-dick, pussy ass clowns too scared of women to fuck one right and subsequently tryna make it seem like it’s women’s own fault that modern men are such limp-dick, pussy ass clowns.

An alpha is an alpha, regardless of gender.

And a true alpha doesn’t even see gender, he/she/it just sees competition.

No, if there’s any problem with the alleged preponderance of new female alphas, it’s that bad feminism may have caused some women who wouldn’t have necessarily been alphas to assume the role just like bad chauvinism and patriarchy once caused every bozo born male to just naturally assume that he was supposed to “lead” his family and relationship when the woman in his life may have simply been better equipped.

It’s this guy that, were he married to a Beyonce, not only wouldn’t have encouraged her to reach her highest heights, but would have indeed tried to shut her down once her star had eclipsed his own.

But, as a chauvinist, it’s my job to offer yet another knock on bad feminism, this one with more of a racist twist (and I know ya’ll love it when I’ve got one of those).

Perhaps the worst attribute of all bad feminism seems to be the notion that a woman that willingly chooses “just” to be a wife and mother is somehow selling herself short.

This, of course, presupposes that there is something out there more worthy of accomplishing then presenting the world with sane and self-actualized future generations.

The overwhelmingly white women that perpetuate this perspective never, however, seem to argue that it should be their own white husbands at home with the babies.

No, they get Dominicans and Colombians, South and Central Americans to run their homes in their absences.

So I’m guessing that being a nanny for a white woman is indeed being an alpha for those types of women, huh?

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