LOVE Denzel, But if He Wins the Academy Award for “Fences”, I’m Starting #OscarsTOOBlack


Denzel wasn’t great in Fences.

Denzel huffed and puffed and did his best Sam Jackson.

His best bad Sam Jackson.

Not even the nuanced Sam of Django Unchained or Jungle Fever.

Also, the brother shouldn’t have directed it.

He made a mess of it, it was way too long, if there was anything redeemable other than Viola Davis soldiering on in an unwinnable flick like a Vietnam enlisted man with only the ghetto to come home to, it was the scene of where, clad in only a wife beater, Denzel let it all hang out, slovenly gut, everything.

And please don’t get me wrong, two-time Oscar winning Denzel is easily the second best actor I’ve ever seen and was entirely ripped off for another Oscar at the very least once, for Philadelphia, when costar Tom Hanks won for Best and Denzel should have won for Supporting because, as I’ve written a million times, Tom Hanks plays a homosexual dying of AIDS at the beginning of the movie till he plays a homosexual that died of AIDS at the end, whereas Denzel’s character starts off as a full throttle homophobe who evolves through a burgeoning platonic love for Hanks’ character, into tolerance.

Now that was character transition!

But Denzel was totally outclassed and undressed this year and not just by Mahershali Ali whose “Juan” from Moonlight was simply one for the ages, but by – like it or not – Casey Affleck of all people, in Manchester By the Sea.

And yeah, it sucks to admit that unrepentant rapist and usually dreck huckstering dial-it-in fraud Casey Affleck was ever better than Denzel Washington in anything at all; especially in a year that certainly saw the profits if not the Oscar hopes for Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation derailed by Mr. Parker’s own history of past sexual indiscretion accusations, but that white boy found something magical in Lee Chandler, revealed it as if it were gospel, and before I’ll go down as a liar particularly here on my own Goddamn site, Dickiebheeonthemuhfuccinstreetz, I’ll let you make me the conductor of the Coon Train after pelting me with bananas and suggesting that I voted for Trump twice, once dressed as a Mexican.

And let me make this one point clear for you niggas so there’s never no misunderstanding: I am not pro-Black.

I am simply pro-me.

The only reason I believe in the Blacks is cause they got me on the team.

Besides, you pro-Black niggas have a tendency to marry white girls.

And my non pro-Blackness (luckily) excludes me from having to lie from a Black behalf, particularly an uninformed one, the likes of which would simply toss the Oscar to Denzel for Fences without having actually seen Fences or anything else that’s been nominated this year.

So maybe in the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that of the movies that have a Best Actor nominee – Mahershala’s nominated for Supporting Actor – the only one I’ve seen other than Fences and Manchester By the Sea is La La Land in which Ryan Gosling plays it so by-the-numbers that he should only win on Oscar night if the other 7 nominees are killed carpooling on the ride over.

But having missed a full 5 other movies, that also means that it’s very possible I’m wrong and even Casey Affleck shouldn’t win.

He was still better than Denzel, tho.

That’s for sure.

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