Is Karina Vetrano Even Dead?

Maybe it’s thinking about a combination of the movies Miller’s Crossing and Gang Related that have gotten my conspiracy senses tingling like Peter Parker in a science lab filled with radioactive insects.

In Miller’s Crossing, as you’ll remember, Gabriel Byrne is supposed to shoot John Turturro’s character, can’t do it, but when Byrne’s about to be exposed, there’s a defaced body where Turturro’s had supposedly been slain.

In Gang Related, as you’ll remember, Tupac and Jim Belushi attempt to manufacture a killer for the a DEA agent that they accidentally killed and end up framing a homeless guy.

But the only motivation I can come up with in the case of Karina Vetrano is money and not a lot of it.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, that $291K on Karina Vetrano’s gofundme page is a lot of money to me, but would it be enough to stage a murder?

Still, there’s just too many things that even now don’t add up.


  • Video of Ms. Vetrano running into the park where she was killed but no video of the suspect either following behind her or exiting out
  • No pictures of the corpse
  • The perp, Chanel Lewis, ID’d by only one person; a person who’s not a witness but a cop that saw Mr. Lewis acting “suspicious” in the area around the time of the murder
  • Mr. Lewis’ willingness to admit to the murder but not the rape
  • The rape being alternatively described on some sites as “sexual assault” and since sexual assault can be as slight as grabbing someone, that’s a considerable difference from rape
  • It’s said Ms. Vetrano struggled valiantly and the day after her murder, Mr. Lewis was hospitalized with scratches to his arms, but a tough, New York City girl that doesn’t go for the eyes or leave scratches on the face and neck?
  • The impossible to ignore fact that Ms. Vetrano was murdered on the one day that her father’s injuries prevented him from running with her like he normally had
  • No friends or family members of Mr. Lewis stepping forward to say that he was acting strange or stranger than usual or had confessed
  • The notion that what could have only been a presumably loud and violent struggle wouldn’t have attracted attention particularly a Black man attacking and raping a white woman in notoriously segregated Howard Beach, Queens combined with the notion that the 140lb Mr. Lewis could alternatively rape then strangle the fit and athletic Ms. Vetrano
  • Ms. Vetrano’s mom describing Ms. Vetrano’s killer as a “pathetic, puny, weak piece of filth” back in August, way before a suspect had even been identified

And I know, subbing in a Jane Doe corpse for whatever reason sounds and is creepy as hell.

But anyone who doesn’t think that evidence can be manipulated, DNA or otherwise, should have been on the OJ jury to watch Mark Fuhrman‘s initial police work result in a conviction.

But I’m not even saying that Officer John Russo is a dirty as Fuhrman because who knows what he offered Chanel Lewis to fake a confession or even that he did.

For all I know, things could have happened just like Officer Russo said and bloggers like me are causing the Vetrano family undue agitation and grief.

But, like I’ve written from the first, with a crime like this – if it, indeed, was a crime – find somebody to pin it on, preferably have them be Black, add some violent sexuality and folks will just want the whole thing to go away, no further questions.

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