If Trump Buys Off the HBCUs, It’s My Fault

Perhaps the illest irony of the HBCU experience is that despite the fact that so many HBCU students would readily claim that they chose HBCUs in an effort to learn to be “bosses” as opposed to “runners” the likes of which Predominately White Institutions are alleged to produce, so much of the funding for HBCUs comes from the government.

My bad.

Proud to the point of chest-pounding HBCU alumni that I, Dickie Bhee, am, I can’t even front like I’ve given enough money to support my alma mater.

And make no mistake, supporting our own alma maters should be of the highest priority for HBCU alumni.

Doing otherwise potentially compromises the integrity of our schools.

Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited the legendary Howard University yesterday and we can only surmise that it has something to do with the executive order that Trump himself said he planned on introducing as far as HBCUs are concerned.

And, of course, powerless to say “Beat your feet, bitch”, Howard had to welcome Ms. DeVos with, if not open arms, then certainly not clenched fists.

The worst part of all this is, let say Trump does decide to open up his pocketbook to HBCUs and floods our great schools with cash.

Any bared teeth will have to be smiling or else we’d be accused of biting the hand that feeds us.

Also, what if Trump is all those things claimed; I mean, forget the racism, we know he’s a racist but don’t give so much of a shit about it because everybody’s racist including yours truly, I’m talking about what if he’s a double agent, a deliberate provocateur, a saboteur and a distraction from the fact that the United States has been compromised and is now under Russian control?

Will we, like Lando Calrissian, justify saving ourselves while potentially damning the universe?

And let’s keep it real: Obama’s Black ass fucked us crazy.

His cuts to HBCU funding cost us $300 million.

And even though I’ve been the biggest advocated of niggas staying out of Trump-led political issues entirely, letting white people fight themselves to exhaustion while we rest and gather strength, a big-buck pledge from the Trump people would make my position damn near untenable.

That’s why I feel I should be the first to apologize for never having given enough money to my own beloved HBCU and thereby putting us in a position where we very well may be bought.

That’s a disgrace and a tragedy.

My own inherent racism was one of the reasons I chose an HBCU, having grown up in a small town that was too white for my own tastes and being unable to imagine spending my college years, the only part of one’s life that indeed should be but fun, dealing with issues like racism and fighting for inclusion.

And if, as some PWI students have argued, this wasn’t the “real” world, then Goddamn it, why not leave the “real” world on hold for 4-5 years and completely indulge in the fantasy?

Why not at least dream of a world where Black was not only beautiful, but almighty and ubiquitous?

And who knows, maybe this dreaming would actually set me to working on building a “real” world based on my dream one?

But how can even that beautiful, almighty and ubiquitous fantasy continue to be an illusion when we’re forced to confront the fact that the man behind this new generation of dreamers will be one Donald J Trump?

Realizing that, for this generation of HBCU students, might make things almost as bad as going to a PWI.

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