In Anaheim, The Kids Were Alright

Some years back, me and one of my besties were online to check out this movie premier when a fight broke out.

Opportunist that we were and still are, we moved ahead in the line.

This older, tall, stout, red-headed white dude said to us “I saw you guys cut the line, move back.”

After my buddy went back and forth with the white dude for a minute, I asked, “Why are we even talking to this guy? Who is he? Ignore him.”

So we did.

The guy kept talking to us tho and pretty soon my friend couldn’t take it anymore to the point where he asked, “Yo, why you sweatin’ me?”

The white dude lost it!

He grabbed my buddy so I jumped on his back and the next thing anybody knew, there was a riot.

You probably guessed right if you said to yourself from beginning that the white dude was a cop, still he never identified himself and that’s essentially, despite the fact that me and my buddy both fought this guy, why we didn’t catch felonies.

Similarly, as I watch the video of that maniac off-duty cop in Anaheim that pulled out his pistol and shot at and around a bunch of kids, I hope he ends up doing time.

I’m actually even proud that his friends eventually starting fighting the dude.

Fuck that.

They wouldn’t have let somebody in their peer group roll up into their hood and just fuck with one of their friends, age and race should be no protection.

It’s like the time I saw two white dudes leading a handcuffed Black man out of the flagship, 34th Street Macy’s store.

I asked about the Black man, “Is he being kidnapped?” and one dude, another Black man, got the joke.

Western society has so indoctrinated us as to seeing, believing and imagining white people in authority, that some whites actually believe they can get away with whatever the fuck they want.

It was the nerve of this cop in the first place that should, at the very least, cost him his badge.

There he is, without any backup, trying to make an arrest in a hostile environment.

He’s actually struggling against a self-identified 13 year-old boy.

Not say that police shouldn’t make arrest despite being outnumbered or alone, but the way he went about it was ridiculous, reckless and stupid.

If anything, go in badge and gun held high, then handcuff the kid to something stationary like a pole until backup arrives.

It’s nothing but that cowboy bullshit (and sometimes cocaine) that too many cops are on that could even conceivably cause one to think that he’s all of a sudden become the single-handed embodiment of Law and Order to the extent that he can wade into a group without identifying himself then stroll out with one of their number in tow.

The cop shouldn’t worry, tho.

His apologists will line up to say that those kids should have just complied despite the fact that none of them had any way of knowing who and what he was..

What they’re really suggesting, is that non-whites should simply comply with whites as authority figures anytime a white is in attendance.

The problem then becomes, what if there are two different whites giving us contradicting directives?

Do we then ask for the lineage of each white, say picking Italian over Jew, Swede over Italian, but WASP over all?

Do we indeed prioritize in order of whiteness?

You can – or maybe you can’t – see how this might become a problem.

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