Is Trump Gonna Get Us All Killed?

Of course, by the numbers, Abraham Lincoln has to be the worst President in US history.

That muhfucca cost us 620k in just the Civil War alone.

That’s just short of 2% percent of the entire US population in 1860, the year Lincoln was elected.

And that’s not even counting all the muhfuccas that died of suicide, homicide and mother nature.

Of course, Lincoln is considered a “hero” because he “saved the Union”, but what if I had died in the Civil War?

Fool wouldn’t have been my hero!

Similarly, if you’re more than two months old, Obama kept you alive till passing the torch to Trump.

Can Trump run with it or will it be bankruptcy and divorce all over again?

Or is a War War brewing – religious, ideological or the final showdown between rich and poor – that’ll be so extreme that the fallout will kill you quicker than the fighting?

Despite the fact that the bulk of Russia is way out there in Asia, Trump’s White Nationalist supporters see two “white” nations and are pleased with the union.

And which American President since Truman has felt anything more positive that suspicion and contempt for Russia?

Obama couldn’t fucking stand them.

Bush II ain’t want them anywhere near.

Clinton wanted to do something but couldn’t think of anything.

Bush I pretended he’d never heard of them.

Reagan made them tear down the Berlin wall.

Carter could only resent them as he had Iran worry about.

Ford probably never figured out that they were a country.

Nixon opened up China to undermine them.

Johnson was too be busy with hippies.

Kennedy almost took us to war with them.

And Eisenhower started a fight with Russia through a 3rd party in Vietnam.

If Trump’s closeness with Russia benefits us in any way, we can send all our suicidal young people to war for Putin anytime he points at a country he thinks doesn’t like him. Since the suicidal will be the only ones to enter Trump’s armed forces, expect more diversity.

Still, the title of this thing being misleading as it is, I really can’t imagine an entire world at risk due to Trump; or could you really sub in “Dickie” for “Kay” here?

So how bout this: Is the US Gonna Survive Trump?

With that being the question, my money would be on the notion that he is.

Donald Trump, as King Cockroach himself and hopped up on whatever combination of cocaine and Viagra is keeping him going, will emerge from the other end of his administration 3-7 years later unscathed.

I’ll also bet that one, a couple, or maybe even all of his kids will make it.

The overwhelming majority of the dirt poor and obscenely rich will make it as well.

The obscene rich are Trump’s base and the dirt poor will live, not only because, as Jesus said, “For ye have the poor with you always…” but also because Trump will need somebody around to wipe asses and dig ditches.

If you’re in the middle somewhere, you better work on your core.

Do some squats.

Remember to sink a little lower after every time you stand up.

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