The Academy Awards Got (almost) Everything Right

I’ve got friend, a writer of some prestige, who was literally fuming (online, of course) because I wouldn’t back down from my position that Casey Affleck and not Denzel Washington deserved this year’s Oscar for Best Actor.

His argument was pretty much “How can you pick that white boy over Denzel?”

Mine was that I was judging by the performances, not the actors.

Mine would also vary to include shit like the fact that once, nearly-forgotten Willie Burton had given Jordan 50.

And that’s pretty much what happened in Manchester By the Sea.

Cassey Affleck, an otherwise no-talent, had the performance of his life.

Of course, my position on this was helped by the fact that I had actually seen both Manchester and Fences, Denzel’s movie.

My friend was just going in blind, picking the Black man and mad.

I’m glad Casey won.

He deserved it.

I’m also glad that Moonlight won – which it definitely deserved – but, like I said, the Academy was not gonna let Moonlight walk outta the place with Best Picture and then subsequently turn around and give Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins Best Director.


As I predicted, Moonlight and La La Land would split those two awards and they did.

The absolutely most deserved Oscar went to Mahershala Ali, for Best Supporting Actor in Moonlight, the acting force behind the movie and the only excuse the straights could use for liking the film.

And we hung on to that excuse like we hang on to our dicks when we’re just getting out of cold water and there are women around…

Or maybe, considering the circumstances, that was a bad analogy?

In any event, the only thing that could be considered an Oscar screw-up this year was the mess which put Viola Davis – the lead actress in Fences in every sense – in the Best Supporting Actress category.

Rumor has it that Ms. Davis chose the Supporting category herself to have a better chance to win, sorta like Manu Ginobili coming off the bench all those years despite being maybe the 3rd best 2-guard in the league after Kobe and Wade.

The fact that she won, I guess, mitigates things some for Viola Davis fans, but y’all know from reading me that I didn’t think she’d be getting anything more than a make-up Oscar for her even finer work in Doubt.

And y’all know how I feel about Moonlight.

I thought everybody associated with it shoulda won something.

So that means that yes, I thought Naomi Harris got jerked for Best Supporting Actress because although there’s genuinely no female love interest in the film – and I guess I just answered my own internal question with a ‘no’, I never will be able to write anything about Moonlight without making at least one homophobic joke – Ms. Harris was the only actress to appear in all three segments.

Emma Stone, a more than credible actress, was gonna win an Oscar anyway and got this year’s Best Actress Oscar before hitting 30 and probably putting Amy Adams on suicide watch.

Hollywood will never be able to thank Ms. Stone enough for not becoming Lindsay Lohan.

Still, it’s weird to have had the Oscars play out so close to a combination of the way I expected it to and the way I felt it should.

The only thing more shocking would be to get a call from the Trump people saying that the President had reviewed my resume and decided that the country did indeed have a vacancy and had chosen me to lead the newly created Department of The HNIC.

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