Why Was Mark Jackson Blacklisted?

Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson, center, hugs guard Stephen Curry after Curry was taken out of the game as forward Draymond Green looks on during the second half in Game 7 of an opening-round NBA basketball playoff series, Saturday, May 3, 2014, in Los Angeles. The Clippers won 126-121. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

If you remember the last time a head coaching nigga was as viciously and unceremoniously dumped, replaced and treated with such glaring disrespect that, had it been him, Vito Corleone woulda halted his daughter’s wedding procession to blast a hole through Bonesera, it was Tony Dungy, who’d built that historically moribund Tampa Bay Buccaneers squad into a contender only to watch pie-faced “Chucky”-looking Jon Gruden grab a Chip with them in 2002, the year after he replaced Dungy.

Of course, Dungy would go on to take Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to their own Chip in 2007.

Aside here, please: Warren Sapp pissed me off when I read that right after he won that Chip with Gruden but before Dungy had won his own, he saw Tony Dungy in his own driveway and showed off his ring to Dungy who, at the time, was still a Florida resident. Nigga, I can’t be happy for you. Not when you’re wearing what I feel is essentially my jewelry.

Anyway, anybody that knows anything knows that former coach, now returned NBA commentator Mark Jackson put that juggernaut together that’s going around calling itself The Golden State Warriors.

He might not have been responsible for the Durant piece – which is pretty much responsible for itself – but he identified Steph Curry as the leader, made Steph identify himself as the leader, put in a scheme, utilized a system and pretty much set the tone for the style of basketball they would play that, under current head coach Steve Kerr, would land them in the last two NBA Finals during which they would win the first in 6 games and lose the second in 7.

And Jackson, like Dungy, got treated with the utmost disrespect on his way out.

What I wanna know is why?

A rumor I’ve heard is that NBA Legend, actual logo, Golden State Warrior board member and minority owner Jerry West dropped by a practice one day and Jackson wasn’t feeling it.

Subsequently, Jackson asked West to leave with the words “Get the fuck outta my gym!”

Now, in clowning Charles Oakley, my workout OG Ernie joked last Saturday morning, “How come niggas always think they own something?”

And if Jackson really did say what’s attributed to him, it would be a shocking lapse in common sense.

Still, what’s done is done.

And you can bet your ass that if I thought Jackson could help me win, I’d tell Jerry, Kanye, and Mae West to get the fuck out.

There are more than a few teams that Jackson could help guide and win.

I mean, not only my very own New York Knicks, but imagine him running Minnesota or New Orleans.

In Trump’s new America where Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling antics are likely to get him deported with the Mexicans before the start of the next NFL season, Jackson infractions now seem relatively small.

We’re talking about a coach who’d led Golden State to it’s first 50-win season in over 21 seasons and it’s first back-to-back playoff appearances in 22 seasons and nobody else in the NBA will touch him?

If I’m an NBA franchise, I’m Brancy Rickey.

Fuck how y’all feel about this nigga, I’m tryna win.

I mean, competition is cutthroat; and before I’d collude with you and whatever your motivations are for exclusion, I’ll win my own Chip, then pull a semi-Warren Sapp, semi Mark Jackson by showing you my ring, then telling you to get the fuck out.

And it’ll be your driveway.

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