Old Broads Like Mary “Debbie” Fletcher Should Get Parental Consent Forms to Allow Teens to Smash


Why don’t we be honest for a second and stop pretending there isn’t a double standard.

And let’s not even pretend the shit doesn’t extend all the way down to the parents.

We act like both mom and dad don’t want their little daughters fucking but only dads want their sons getting it on.

The truth would be closer to the notion that once mom gets a look at some of her daughter’s dates, she gives that little whore the nod herself.

But mom don’t want no old bitch fucking her son.

Un uh.

If there’s no young dick for me, there’s none for anybody.

But men delude ourselves and women -liars! – are in on the delusion.

They allow us to think that we’re the only ones having inappropriate thoughts at high school football games, imagining a room full of grease and naked cheerleaders while they’re over there thinking of a naked secondary.

So on one level, props to Mary “Debbie” Fletcher for fucking three members of Mount Shasta High School football team in Siskiyou County, California while being the geezerly age of 42.

Was it a crime?

Of course it was!

To the law and maybe those boy’s moms.

Their teammates, male schoolmates and pops’ were like, “Word???”

But that’s why men shouldn’t be allowed to give approval for their male children, only their daughters.

And while, yeah, there may be some slimy fucks out there that would pimp out their daughters for promotions, cash or maybe even in trade, the shit would have to be like a field trip, meaning the kid would have to bring the consent form home to be signed, meaning, the kid would have to want to fuck the older person to begin with.

Because, like I said, if fathers just signed for sons and moms for daughters, there’d be all kinds of side hustles, secondary deals, and contingency agreements going on.

You’d see deals with an addendum that included the dad, the mom, third parties, group inclusions, all kinds of crazy shit as if what I’m proposing already is not, on it’s face, absurd.

But this is where modern sexuality has driven us.

Good looking old broads have all become Nina Hartley wannabes and they’re smarter than men in the sense that when it’s time to get serious, they still marry age-appropriately, it’s only when they’re trying to get nailed they go for the high hard meat of a young boy.

Guys, we’re so stupid, when we become geezers, we may still bang some old broad, but when it’s time to get married, we think we can keep pace with some young broad while we have the moodiest sexual member imaginable and these bitches are outfitted with just a hole!

A hole that never closes!

Ideally, of course, we all end up in relationships that are – especially in regards to sexual needs and desires – honest, and we both relay our interests truthfully and interpret the interests of our partners without judging and with sensitivity.

In the meantime and while waiting for that to happen – which will take place sometime after the Presidential inauguration of Maria (formerly Juan) Abdul-Jabbar – let’s at least make an effort to lower the prison population for what is essentially consensual sex.

I mean, we don’t hafta be Saudi Arabia about it, but after you’ve reached your teens, you pretty much know what you’re doing and what you want.

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