Dej Loaf, Niggers & Slaves

I was never a fan of Dej Loaf and it’s not because I didn’t think she could spit, oh no the girl had obvious skills aplenty.

It’s just that if you’ve read me at all, you know I’ve never had any tolerance for “kill nigger” music and on “Try Me”, Dej Loaf’s smash hit first single, she does just that.

“Let a nigger try me/
try me/
I’ma get his whole
motherfucking family.. “

Was only the chorus.

I know I say this all of the time, but back in the 80s, the No. 1 foe for MCs wasn’t generically “niggers”, it was other MCs.

How many MCs must get dissed/before somebody says “don’t fuck with Kris?
–KRS One

I’ll take 7 MCs, put em in a line, then add 7 more brothers that think they can rhyme/well, it’ll
7 more before I go for mine/now that’s 21 MCs ate up at the same time.”

Rappers stepping to me/they wanna get some/but I’m the Kane so, Yo, you know the outcome…
–Big Daddy Kane

But on “Try Me”, Dej wasn’t finished with the foolishness:

“And I really hate niggers/ I’m a Nazi”

Now, ignoring the fact that if Goring, Goebbels, Mengele, Himmler, or Hess let alone Hitler had seen this chick in the uniform of the SS, they’d have summarily had her shot and buried in it wherever she’d stood, saving them the trouble of having to touch her repugnant body or the sullied uniform, it sucked that I wasn’t surprised that niggas actually made this bullshit a hit.

Never mind that if some self-loathing Jew or fag made a genocidal song directed at their own group, no self respecting radio station would play it, the last thing you could expect would be that the masses of Jews and fags would actually get up and party to it.

There’d be no “dancing to our own destruction” on their end.

And not only all that – tho really, that’s enough – chivalrous chauvinist that I am, it’s a total turnoff to hear a woman talking that gangster shit.

While you’re out there killing niggers, what am I supposed to be doing, chillin at home, keeping it warm for you?

But this is us, we are niggas and insane.

Now, before we go any further, it’s important to point out that a “nigger” isn’t a type of person, it’s a role.

Americans of African descent are actually born into this role.

But if every American of African descent were to suddenly pick up, get on some Garvey shit, and get the fuck out of America, America wouldn’t let niggers go away.

America would just designate “new” niggers.

The darker the skin and the further of origin from Western Europe the better.

The nigger is America’s fundamental building block.

You let them get away, the whole shit collapses.

Still, since as of very recently, a bunch of Dej Loaf’s tweets from 2011 have surfaced and in them she’s calling – we’re guessing Black – people niggers and slaves, a lot of folks are up in arms over this grave disrespect to the proud African American tradition.

Not me.

I knew from the door that Lauryn “L. Boogie” Hill this bitch was not.

She told you who she was and what her perspectives were in her music, all you had to do was listen to it.

Y’all probably could have done that easily enough too, if you weren’t so busy dancing.

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