Ben Carson Has Niggas Traveling Coach on the Mayflower n Shit

Ok, one of the caveats a Black person has to subject himself to in order to be a part of the modern Republican Party is that he has to make America’s past racial relations seem a little less animus.


An apprenticeship.

Jim Crow?

Dual monoracial opportunities to spend “quality time.”

Rape, lynching and terror?

Sexual role play and crowd control.

So I wasn’t surprised at all to see former doctor Ben Carson way out in front of some bullshit issuing revisionist history the caliber of which would render Hitler a Jew!

Understand that when he told a crowd that some American “immigrants” came at the bottom of slave ships, he was uttering a contradiction in terms far more grievous than “hot ice” he was, in fact, using one term as if he had no idea at all what the other term meant.

At the heart of the word immigrant is the idea of “choice”.

So what Ben done wrong when he rendered niggas “immigrants” was that he made us look like S&M Super Freaks, literally choosing not only our destination and bondage but also that mode of travel.

He went on to add that those slave-ship immigrants “worked harder for less”.

No nigga, they were enslaved.

This means they received nothing.

And if somebody ever tries to start on some bullshit like the notion that room, board and clothing were “pay”, then they’d also have to suggest that they “pay” their car a wage every time they fill it up or “pay” their television a wage every time they turn it on.

Now, I was almost tempted to defend Mr. Carson because of the man he used to be.

His book Gifted Hands, about his time as a leading surgeon, is an absolute classic.

But knowing as I do that since Trump made this fool the HUD Secretary that I should never expect another logical word out of his mouth, I’ll pass.

Don’t think he got off unscathed, tho.

Twitter let him have it, actor Sam Jackson especially.

But Sam, like Mr. Carson himself, has a Black wife and is thereby adorned with undeniable “real nigga” status.

One would be advised to be similarly outfitted before attacking Mr. Carson or his inane positions because Ben could always clap back with, “That’s just one opinion, My Nigga. Let’s talk about you and your non-Black wife!”

Perhaps the worst thing about Mr. Carson’s descent into racially nonthreatening oblivion is, again and like I’ve said a million times, if played right, the Republican Party could actually be the Black Power Party.

Most Black people are religious, Christian even.

And if them muhfuccas ever got a nigga that could articulate a genuine Black Pride perspective with a healthy dose of “Fuck YT”, they’d be hell.

All he or she would need to do is explain that the reason the Libs pity us with welfare and other “stuff” is because they think we can’t do anything on our own and need to be raised, guided and spoon-fed like children.

A real conservative Republican G could tell the libs to keep that shit.

Tell em we’re gonna rebuild Black Wall Street.

We’re gonna build Black everything.

And if y’all bring yo hating asses around again on some bullshit, we’ll bury you where you arrived without telling anybody you came.

But nah, conservatism isn’t what the Republicans are any longer all about.

They’ve become the party of fragile white egos.

The only thing a nigga could do as a Republican nowadays is dance.

Like that bullshit buck-n-shuffle Ben Carson tried to pull off.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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