Black People Were NEVER Slaves & Other Shit I Can’t Believe I Hafta Explain in 2017

It probably pisses me off more than it should when I hear somebody – niggas especially – say some shit like “Black people useta be slaves.”

Of course, anybody with 1/2 a brain knows that shit to be absurd.

It’s impossible to be a “former” slave.

If you were a slave once, you’re always a slave.

No, what Black people once were in America – and boy, is that important to include – was enslaved.

Aw, nigga, you going crazy over verbiage… I hear y’all out there saying.

Of course I am, oh Colored Man who would let a random fellow Negro who you’d never before laid eyes on walk up to you and address you as a “nigga” but would slit the throat of your white best friend who you’ve known almost from birth from doing the same.

America is nothing but verbiage.

That’s why the best thing to be in this Goddamn country is a lawyer.

In America, lawyers don’t interpret law, they interpret language.

Anyway, the reason it’s important to point out the difference between being a slave and being enslaved is because a slave is a kind of being while enslavement is a state of being.

And if you don’t get what I mean by that, I’m basically saying that a slave simply is; and could not exist any other way.

You couldn’t “free” a slave, it would die immediately.

A slave has to be told what to do at all times or else it can’t function.

A slave cannot think for itself, plan, theorize, interpret, reason, deduce on construct; meanwhile, a lot of y’all are out there reading all this, nodding along and thinking, niggas really were slaves then, huh?

No, we were enslaved.

We had been otherwise free people that were subsequently forced to serve.

The evidence that we weren’t “natural” slaves is the number of documented times we either ran or rebelled.

Never mind that – and yes, I know y’all are exhausted with me bringing this one up – “slave” has it’s actual root word in slav which what short for “Slavic”, those Middle Europeans that the Roman Empire first used as slaves.

The subsequent hijacking of the word and it’s misapplication to what was done to Africans once brought to America was all a plot to get niggas to more readily accept our condition of enslavement as something natural.

It also helps the image of America when you have fools running around saying “Black people were slaves” by making it seem like this great nation did something actually supernatural in freeing the Negro from bondage.

So great was America’s desire leave up to it’s Constitutional credo that “all men are created equal” that it took nature’s designated slaves and at least attempted to put them on equal footing with the rest of humanity.

So if you believe that Black people were once slaves, the failings then become ours, my niggas, when we show a reluctance or inability to think for ourselves, plan, theorize, interpret, reason, deduce on construct.

America has, after all, “rescued” us from our most pristine state.

And thus we must be proving that it’s often better to leave things the way that nature intended them to be.

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