Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Makeup, Transgernders & Why Nobody Should Have an Opinion

Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adichie gestures in Lagos,Nigeria, Tuesday, Sept. 16 2008.(AP Photo/George Osodi)

Of course, I’m gonna always have an opinion – that’s why you read me – and I still use the words “tranny”, “fag” and “nigger” and those are just my varying ways of describing white people.

But if you’re among that select group who the public has allowed break through it’s oh-so-real barrier of resistance to change and acceptance and become one of the “beautiful” (read: moneyed) people, then if your last name ain’t Trump, you’d better learn better than to just think whatever the fuck you want.

Now, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a fine writer whose book Americanah was absolutely splendid and one of, in fact, my inspirations for doing this blog.

But a couple of issues that have her kinda under fire as of late; one under direct fire and one more or less just a possible casualty of random shelling, is her position on makeup and that nutty shit she said about transgender women.

Apparently Ms. Adichie ain’t get The Beauty Myth memo, that shit that Alicia Keys has apparently turned into doctrine, about how the application of makeup as either an enhancer or creator of beauty is a myth put in place to undermine a woman’s natural self-esteem.

Never mind the argument that it could be used as a simple adornment, when there’s feminism and the patriarchy involved anything a woman does to feel better about herself is probably actually making her feel worse; she just doesn’t know it (the dumb bitch)

Whatever with all that.

I don’t like makeup personally, but I do like anything stylized, so if you run up on me looking like Cleopatra, I’ma fuck you like I’m Mark Anthony; and no, not the singer.

Wading into deeper waters and almost drowning, Ms. Adichie then offered the perspective that transgender women were not “real” women.

That’s when she stepped in it.

For a (great) writer, her limited use of verbiage was quite shocking and any and all backlash she suffered – and you know she caught a lot – could have been avoided with a little lefty Liberal tap dancing and soft shoe.

Instead of saying that she didn’t think trannies were “real” women, all she had to say was that she didn’t believe that the issues faced by transgender women were the exact same as the issues faced by women that were female from birth.

She could have gone on to make the rest of her point as she made it and nobody would have had a leg to argue on.

Now, do I think that trannies are “real” women?

Fuck no.

I do, however, sympathize with their pain – when it’s genuine; not some Bruce Jenner shit – and can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to feel like you were born not only in the wrong body but the wrong gender.

Shit, a lot of men feel like they were born in the wrong bodies; after they’ve seen LeBron or Brock Lesnar or Jack Napier.

The thing is, today’s world has granted more leverage than ever for people to stake claims.

It’s no longer necessary to be a “real” woman, it’s now simply sufficient to feel like one.

And if you don’t respect this feeling, you’re an intolerant bigot, which is currently, unfortunately, how the now “cancelled” Ms. Adichie is about to be recast.

It’s too bad too because, like I said, she’s a fine writer.

It seems her only hope now is to feel like she’s the President of the United States and then proceed according to her feelings, literally daring anybody to tell her that she’s wrong.

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