How Do We Know that Michael Brown’s Killer is a Psychopath?

Most war veterans at the very least lament the fact that the fighting was necessary.

And this is war.

War; where it’s kill or be killed.

So when Officer Darren Wilson, Michael Brown’s fringe element lunatic killer tells us that his “conscience is clear” about killing Mr. Brown, we know that on the surface he’s trying to imply that his justification was so on the side of right – according to him, Mr. Brown was trying to snatch and turn his own gun against him – that the consequences don’t bother him, but in reality, most sane people, if you were holding their newborn off the edge of a balcony and they had to blast your fucking brains out would still wish you hadn’t been as crazy as to fuck with their kid.

So no, I don’t buy it.

A clear conscience over causing death isn’t a sane reaction.

It’s the reaction of somebody that wanted to kill.

It’s the reaction that, had some nigga given it who had been in the exact same situation with a white suspect that Officer Wilson claims to have been in with Mr. Brown, would have been given a full and thorough psychiatric exam and then, undoubtedly, been deemed psychotic but still imprisoned and not institutionalized,

Black people haven’t yet attained the level of freedom where we can joyfully or even indifferently kill.

No, when we appear before the courts, our eyes need to be big as saucers and our words literally fumbling out of our mouths.

The gall to even say that you have a clear conscience about killing a young man, if considering his age alone, 18; is staggering.

Never mind that he was about to start college never mind that he was, if little else, a fellow American, never mind that he was a human being, if you can feel nothing about taking a life, you make a mockery John Donne’s beautiful assertion that “Any man’s death diminishes me” because no man, after all, is an island.

And there are places for the likes of Darren Wilson.

This country has great need for men like him.

You put him in the jungle or in the State Department and you give him a target and you tell him to “kill that” and you use him till he snaps and maybe you hafta put a bullet in him or maybe he kills himself but you do not put him on the streets of a neighborhood in America in the uniform of a police officer.

At least, you can be sure that you don’t put him in any white neighborhood, as you can see they didn’t.

The new footage which emerged that casts doubt on whether or not Mr. Brown did indeed commit a strong-armed robbery on the day that he was murdered summarily – as he’d long been accused of doing – recasts him as a drug (weed) dealer so for Officer Wilson’s justification granters, little has changed.

And what can we say about Officer Wilson’s legion of justification granters?

What can we say about the ones that donated copiously to his defense fund so sure that he and not the corpse of a teenage was the one that had been wronged.

Well, they’re fucking crazy too.

And anything they would say in their own defense can only be gibberish.

Our problem is that we spend so much energy arguing with these maniacs when our time our efforts and even our lives could be put to better use if, after they’ve revealed themselves, we began to slowly back away while never taking our eyes off of them.

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