Is There a Time and Place for (Police) Officers to be Dishonest?

I just watched this thing on Twitter that reached absurdist levels of hypocrisy, what I know that I was supposed to take from it being so far removed from what I actually took from it, you could actually conduct one of those experiments about how two people could view the exact same thing and walk away with polar opposite interpretation.

Ok, some kid named Jesse Bright who, while being a Uber driver is also, amazingly enough, a lawyer, gets pulled over by a he fuzz.

Never ones not to hassle folks just cause they is white, the cops lay into our boy Jesse too, just because he’s recording them from the confines of his ride.

One of the cops then tries to lie, alleging that there’s some “new” law which prohibits citizens from filming the police altogether, but don’t forget our boy Jesse’s not only white, he’s a lawyer, which means he’s nowhere near as likely to be scared enough to simply believe some shit a random cop might say.

Then the cop goes deep into his bag, bringing out the drug sniffing canines, after having alleged that the very reason he’d pulled over the Uber was that it had stopped at a known drug house.

All of this was, of course, illegal.

And Jesse had my sympathies and probably the sympathies of a whole bunch of people until he started talking.

After needlessly describing himself as normally “pro-police” he dropped this gem, “There is a time and place for officers to be dishonest.”

Now, before we deal with the rank ugliness of just such a statement, let’s try to mitigate it with what we believe Jesse has to have meant.

As with, say, the OJ Simpson trial where the overwhelming majority of the evidence pointed towards Simpson’s guilt but there were a few random inconsistencies that might have made it hard to convict, Jesse must believe that Officer Mark Fuhrman was right in planting evidence if only to make it a more airtight case.


The problem with this however is that we live in a country that prides itself on being a nation of “doers”, rock-ribbed rugged individualist-types that all pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, never needed any special privileges or handouts and never cut corners.

If you’re suggesting now that it’s occasionally ok to cut corners for the greater good then where the fuck are my reparations?

So to anybody but the cops especially, I’ll tell y’all like y’all are so fond of telling niggas when we point out – not even complain about the existence of – white privilege, there are no shortcuts to achievement.

Work harder!

And if the police seriously believe that they’re entitled to and deserving of public courtesy, police most especially should engage in their duties to the letter of the law and like God Almighty, with absolutely no respect of persons.

There should never be “two laws” – one for white and one for Black or one for rich and one for poor – or even any form of abridgment of the one.

So sadly, the only thing groovy kid Jesse was doing was letting the world know that if anybody out there needs a lawyer, he happens to be one when he’s not driving an Uber and also showing that with white skin, you can get away with being a belligerent asshole to cops without being shot.

And I think most of us probably knew the latter already.

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