Lil Wayne Should be Afraid for His Life While F*cking with Birdman

As we know by now from many cases of disgruntled artists, most notably Sam Cooke, when said talent starts getting too suspicious or starts hinting at leaving the label or pursing other options, it often becomes in the label’s best interest simply to kill them.

And, like I said, there are way too many music artists’ deaths under circumstances that couldn’t be more fishy if they were delivered to Sonny Corleone wrapped in Luca Brasi’s bulletproof vest

Prince, for one, on the elevator after his seeming lifetime dispute with Warner Brothers.

Tupac in Vegas after more than hinting that he was ready to move on from Death Row.

Elvis after showing increasing independence – shit, he’d traveled to DC and met with Nixon all on his own! – from Colonel Tom Parker.

Michael Jackson when chances of a comeback looked questionable but also when it might have been best to gamble on maxing out on the residuals from his catalog.

Kurt Cobain who’d become disillusioned and may have well retired.

The list goes on and on.

And if even only some of the infractions that Birdman supposedly perpetrated against Lil Wayne hold true, then this muhfucca was a ripoff artist the caliber of which made Red for Big Red Records in The Five Heartbeats look like Jared Leto’s Joker compared to Heath Ledger’s.

I mean, among all the things alleged, not only was there no contractual support for the deal that gave Wayne 49% ownership of Young Money Records while giving Birdman 51%, but there’s no contractual record whatsoever.

This, of course, could mean that Wayne’s biggest cash cow outside of himself, Drake, is all Birdman’s.


And we know Wayne’s been in court, we know he’s been suing, we know he’s been suspicious and we know he has reason, but what we don’t know is if he’s taking this all as seriously as he should be.

For all our conspiracy theories, Black people usually tend to think that most beef can be settled with a diss song and the likes of Rick Ross’ recently released “Idols Become Rivals” probably settles things as far as Wayne fans are concerned in the court of public opinion.

Of course, cases aren’t tried in the court of public opinion and one of the reasons that Black people remain comparatively broke is that we take actual dollars and sense business less seriously than just about any other group.

How could Wayne have gone so long without hiring his own lawyers to check the books?

Betcha LaVar Ball will know to the penny how much money his sons are due.

Another flaw in the collective Black character seems to be our wavering appreciation for the value of life at least in terms of how we view it versus how we feel it should be viewed.

It’s nothing for us to kill or expect to be killed for feeling “disrespected” – like if our sneakers get stepped on – or if there’s drug money owed and fronted on, yet we somehow can’t imagine a scenario where someone might kill to avoid paying other funds owed.

We oddly enough seem to believe that humans have too much integrity not to pay when they owe on legitimate debts and that if Birdman really has ripped off Wayne and gets caught, the worst he’ll do is smile bashfully, say, “My bad” and come up off the cash as she should.

My own opinion is that, yeah, that might happen; right after Kellyanne Conway quits in a huff after calling Trump a punk, a bitch and a liar.

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