Tyrese, Steve Harvey & ahem, (cough) “Black Women”

If we’re honest, we’ll admit that the reason so many niggas are so eager to give advice to Black women is not because Black women really need said advice, it’s that they’re the ones that’ll pay for it.

Chris Rock already told you what to expect from niggas should you be fool enough to put some shit in a book, but Sisters still read, listen to music, try to advance themselves socially and culturally and all that good shit.

They are also, as is the case with the female gender overall, perpetual self-improvers.

Men wouldn’t know where to begin if what we needed improvement on required more fixing than a push-up or a sit-up.

Some psychological shit?

Nigga, where the weed at?

But comedian Steve Harvey who, let’s be real, if he’s giving any kinda advice, it should be career advice because he personally has more jobs than a West Indian in debt, has sort of also created this cottage industry of self-help books for Black women starting with (the only one I read) Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

It actually wasn’t a bad book.

It should have come with a 19-button suit but any woman that didn’t know that Steve Harvey’s book wasn’t going to be about how to attract ‘a’ man but how to attract him, should have spent her money on Powerball.

On the real, I couldn’t take relationship advice from anybody that’s been divorced – like Harvey – and would just as well wait till George W. Bush or Beyonce came out with their relationship guides.

Now singer Tyrese, never one to turn down a buck he thinks he has a shot at making, has entered the fray.

Just this morning, he got at Black women wholesale with this post on instagram:

And see the problem with using a gross and insufficient generalization like “Black women” is that you’re bound to snare into your net sea life that ain’t necessarily fish.

Like, say, what if she already rocks a Caesar or dreads, a fro or her hair is naturally straight?

What if she’s in perfect shape?

What if she’s into girls?

What if she doesn’t acknowledge her African ancestry?

What if she’s not into Black guys?

Tyrese, in this case, isn’t preaching to the choir, he’s preaching through a bullhorn to the people passing his church on the street.

And while he’s hoping that what he says might lure them in, in reality it’s probably gonna make them search for a detour the next time they find themselves in his neighborhood.

And fuck Black women, let me say that because if I didn’t, what I’m about to say now would otherwise come across as pandering: if there’s anybody that needs a good talking to, it’s Black men.

And we damn sure don’t need it from women.

Any nigga that feels he’s got something on his mind that could help should be literally charging into the hood to explain to young (and otherwise) niggas how they must find a way to avoid going to jail and how to stop wasting ammunition on each other.

Black women who need to do squats is a nice topic but trust, the bitch in need will either eventually come around or she won’t.

However the same chance can’t be taken on the boy.

He’ll either come around or he’ll die.


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