Why the Term “Biracial” is an Insult


Some old nigger wrote in to The New York Daily News’ Opinion section some shit about being a 2000 year-old war veteran and correcting the idea that Barack Obama was the first “Black” President with his own preposterous notion that Barack Obama was in fact the first “biracial” President and I thought; And this from a nigga that’s old enough to know better.

Of course, historically, if you had as few as one Black great-grand parent, you were as bad as a full-blooded, Dahomy-born spearchucker with a bone through his nose and plates through his lips.

This was the law.

That’s what race is, law.

And in 1790, when white people ingeniously invented themselves – picking as their descriptive the color “white”, of course, for purity – and subsequently ascribed unto themselves all the virtues that a group of land-stealing, genocide committing, tax dodging enslavers could imagine, their designated polar opposites then became the “Black” people.

And since, by their logic, the blood of this “Black” people was so rotten, it’s taint lasted a full five generations.

Now, even though at the time, this probably seemed like a good idea – white birth rates were still high, whites were literally flocking to get free of Europe’s class system and come to America where there’d be two waiting groups already worse than they were; the Blacks and the Indians, and hardcore racists were never going to see any value whatsoever in Black skin, there had to be at least a few astute white people around that were saying, wait a minute; we’re giving up too much here.

So nowadays you’ll note, while white people tend to leave the carjackers and pickpockets of mixed parentage alone, whenever a nigga does something of consequence and his skin ain’t Lupita/Wesley dark, many whites are quick to claim credit as if their own “one drop” and none of the overwhelmingly nigger contribution were the sole purpose behind the accomplishment.

Like I’ve written before, I once watched a documentary where the narrator gave credit to Jimi Hendrix’s “white side” and that nigga had two Black parents!

So make no mistake, the term “biracial” itself was invented with the sole goal of being divisive and insulting.

First, it’s meant to cleave away from Blacks an entire segment of our number that the original “whites” wanted nothing to do with.

Then it becomes insulting in two ways:

  1. When thinking of the term it most psychically resembles, “bisexual”; which is a person that has sexual attractions to both males and females and then by “choice” decides who he or she would like to sleep with, the term “biracial” implies some sort of racial “choice”.
  2. It negates or at least tries to half the historical struggles of Blacks of mixed parentage.

The first insult should be clear to any brown-skinned, African-haired and featured person of mixed parentage that has ever tried to simply declare him or herself “white”.

How’d that work out?

The next insult suggests that Blacks of mixed parentage were only half-lynched or half-segregated and also, when examined, exposes a possible flaw in Malcolm’s “House Nigger” vs. “Field Nigger” theory by unconsciously positing what it must have been like to have been the son or daughter of massa and watching your brother and sister playing and going to school while you served guests lemonade in The Big House.

Man, them niggas musta wanted to kill that muhfucca!

So let’s stop insulting Black people of mixed parentage by calling them “biracial”.

Those of us on some elitist full-blooded-Black-person bullshit are only alienating some important members of the team.

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