Breana Harmon Talbott Said that 3 Black Men Raped Her & Well, No, They Didn’t


In The Boys of Summer, Jackie Robinson said something like, “When I was at UCLA, far more white women wanted to sleep with me than I wanted to sleep with white women.”

I mean, of course, if we looked at Robinson as an athlete by today’s standards that would make sense.

I mean, the dude averaged over 11 yards a carry as a football player!

But we’re talking about the late 1930s, early 1940s here.

Pre even Emmett Till.

But if what Jackie’s saying is true – and really, why would he lie? – then it’s time we finally went right ahead and said something we’ve always known, but pretended to be too dumb to understand: racists didn’t go extra hard in trying to prevent Black male/white female interracial relationships because they thought that all niggas were secretly, as my grandmother likes to put it, “white woman crazy”, they went extra hard to prevent them shits because they knew how bad white chicks wanted Black men.

And that makes sense.

Think of it this way; not only must revenge have been a factor because white men were pretty much allowed a gross and generous sampling of Black women during the antebellum period, but also the myth – in some of y’all’s cases maybe, not mine – of the superiority of the Black penis musta had them bitches open.

So white men have themselves to blame for making white women lust after Black men.

Still, unable to place the blame on a woman who they themselves had deified, or at least attempted to in the eyes of all non-whites, racists then doubled back and allowed themselves to believe that any sexual interaction between a white woman and a non-white, particularly a Black man, was subsequently rape.

Enter Breana Harmon Talbott.

She’s some teenage Texas whore who went missing a couple weeks ago and reemerged later that same day at a church, scratched up and claiming that three Black men raped her.

This should have been considered on it’s face absurd.

Turns out, it took authorities two weeks later to determine it was.

Let’s not even use this time to imagine how many of these cases have occurred throughout history where no such determination was rendered or even considered necessary.

Going back to that hoax with the Scottsboro Boys, Black men in a pack would’t just rove around and rape a white woman.

They’d be too scared.

White folks is, after all, Jesus.

But Black men do bear some of the responsibility for cases like Breana Harmon Talbott.

If we didn’t act like lottery winners every time we got a white bitch, it’d be more difficult to believe that we could become so crazed as to gang rape one.

But whereas it’s sadly almost nothing to see some nigga and his Black lady acting crazy in the street, you see some nigga and his white girl, and he’s so docile, you’d think he’s been Get Out-ed.

So here’s a suggestion for y’all to take, leave, or do what you want with niggas; the next time you get a white women, treat them bitches like shit.

Lie to them, curse them in public, make them support you financially make a bunch of babies with them and never marry them.

Don’t put them on a pedestal.

Have them bitches carry you around bodily, support your kids by other women and keep you dipped in fly fashions and the latest ride.

Treat them, in short, like you would a Black woman.

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