If America Had Nothing BUT Black-Owned Businesses, Niggas Would Fly Overseas to Shop


The irony is, of course, when we start some shit, we want our people to support it.

Yet oddly, with the exception of maybe Jordans – which ain’t, don’t let the name fool you, Black-owned anyway – we don’t associate “high end” “premium” or “luxury” with any product that we’ve got anything to do with so when we try to make a point of our own affluence, we go running to do so by blowing our cash in places that hold their noses while using tweezers and rubber gloves to take the dollars from our hands.

And, ok, maybe that stupid shit is incurable.

But why don’t we own any of the stores in our own neighborhoods?

A nigga’s gotta buy pig feet from an Arab?

That’s a sin of the highest order.

If it’s true that a dollar spends 28 days in the Asian community but leaves the Black community after 6 hours, then that’s evidence of one thing and one thing only; self-hatred.

And with the disrespect we’re often greeted with when dealing with the non-Blacks we give our money to, you’d think we’d go out in search parties looking for niggas to throw our dollars at.

So it kills me when I gotta watch some fat chick get taken down like a fullback because a Korean beauty supply store owner accused her of stealing fake eyelashes and then listen to the palpable outrage of niggas who just can’t believe that anybody would treat a woman that way.

I’m like…

Thing is, if she was stealing, she’s lucky this ain’t one of them Muslim countries where they’d cut her fucking arm off.

And don’t front, that she was in that store in the first place despite the fact that the store is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and like the dude in the vid I posted above pointed out, there’s a Black-owned beauty supply store that’s also in Charlotte is because niggas usually go out of our way not to buy Black.

And it’s beyond being on some “crabs in a barrel” shit.

Most nigga’s self-esteems are so notoriously low that they’ll willingly accept the imagined superiority of anybody else but another nigga.

Not me, however.

I’m better than everybody.

The limitations on my greatness do not exist.

I am not the greatest Black writer alive.

I am the greatest writer alive.

If a white boy could write like me, he’d have 2 Pulitzers, 5 Nobels, 6 Oscars, 4 Grammys, 2 Tonys, an Emmy and y’all niggas woulda given him a BET Award by now.

So I buy Black every time I see a nigga hawking something.

Even if it’s some shit I don’t need, like for instance, I’ve got condoms and, uh, it’s been a minute.

I’d rather give my money to y’all than somebody that don’t even look like they could be a family member.

But, of course, that’s just me.

The rest of y’all need to work that shit out.

Don’t have never supported a nigga in anything then come out with your record label and expect us all to line up to buy MC Nigga Killa’s Bomb da Black Community just cause you got Drake to do a feature.

Karma comes around, truth will out, and like Kansas City Mack said to Biggie Smalls in my favorite movie ever, Let’s Do It Again, “You gotta bring ass to get ass.”

So buy Black y’all.

I’ll even help you.

Click here.

See that?

It only cost you .99 cents, but I’ll bet you feel like a million dollars right now, dontcha?


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