Standards of Beauty, The Bible & Maxine Waters’ Hair


You know you live in a wild society when if you were to wear your hair in a style which was consistent with the way it grew out of your head without adding some sort of damaging chemicals to affect the look of the type of females generally projected to be the status quo, you’d be considered a radical with dangerous ideas, possibly a subversive and almost certainly a militant, angry and insurrection-ready.


This makes the act of a Black woman sitting down to offer herself up to a perm nothing short of the evidence of voluntary brain washing.

She’s basically saying, Ok, I get it. That’s the way I’m supposed to look so I’ll do it as opposed to ruffling feathers and putting people off upon introduction.

Never mind that that Black skin of hers ain’t do her no favors as far as being looked upon as a trusted ally.

By “fixing” her hair, she shown a willingness to take it that extra step.

I’ve said 1,000,0002 times now that Michelle got Barack Obama elected.

Now I’ll keep it realer by saying that Michelle with a natural or dreads wouldn’t have gotten Barack’s ass out of the primaries.

And of course the bible itself doesn’t help, when you’ve got right there in 1 Corinthians 11:15 “But if a woman have long hair, it is  glory to her: for her hair is given her as a covering.”

We’re left to interpret on our own that the “long” hair that verse spoke of meant long permed hair and not long dreads or a long Afro otherwise, what can we conclude but that the very God we worship every Sunday finds our women just as offensive as America does (and we do)?

So there’s really no difference between Bill O’Reilly who recently, when he couldn’t rebut with logic congresswoman Maxine Waters’ sage point on patriotism, make a crack that she was wearing a “James Brown wig”

and the classically insulting knock by radio host Don Imus about the Rutgers Women’s basketball team being “nappy-headed hoes“.

In each instance, Black women’s hair is put to trial and, being that as of 2011, only 36% of Black women wore their hair naturally, those you thought should be it’s chief defendants have actually worked alongside the prosecution!

Which brings me back to one of my favorite of all points which is that Black women have, above all else, gotta aspire toward beauty.

The con has been that they should aspire toward strength producing the useless “Strong Black Woman” which leaves Black men no room to do anything but aspire to beauty themselves and you get, well, us as a people in the current predicament that we’re in.

And, of course, since the most fundamental element of beauty is that it’s “natural”, I’m going to hafta finally get off the fence about my position on Black female hair and suggest a wholesale abandonment of “white” styling.

I honestly feel that if Black women were to embrace themselves as beautiful, everybody else would fall in line.

And if they don’t fall in line, fuck em.

Who needs them anyway?

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