Why Racism Shouldn’t & Should Matter, Blac Chyna Calls Tyga Gay, & Like I BEEN Said, It Ain’t #WhiteGenocide, It’s #WhiteSuicide

If I was to point to some nigga standing on the corner and explain to you how the dude was suffering from AIDS but was neglecting any and all treatments and how it was your responsibility to make sure that he sought out help, you’d look at me like I was crazy.

Similarly, I’m always and still amazed that whenever some non-Black person’s racism towards Black people makes itself plain, it all of a sudden becomes Black people’s responsibility to “cure” or handle said racism.

That shit makes no sense at all.

However, that don’t mean that we should hafta support muhfuccas that either hire or uphold racist values and ideas themselves.

We got 1.1 trillion in buying power, my niggas.

If companies wanna get slick like Cristal once tried, let them sell their bullshit to someone else.

Going in another direction, I don’t know if it’s just me but there seems to be a correlation between the niggas that refuse to deal with “strong Black women” and allegations of homosexuality.

Now that what Blac Chyna’s done to her ex and Kylie Jenner’s current, Tyga, is being considered and “outing”:

It hearkens me back to other such accusations, usually issued towards niggas that were known to have tastes that ran outside of the Black female variety.

I recall now how Katt Williams accused Jaime Foxx – who never met a sister who could do anything for him besides co-star – of having a longstanding affair with some other dude of the male gender.

And, of course, suspicions flew when Nate Parker, who’s wife might not be exactly white, but ain’t the dark-skinned version of whatever the fuck she is, made the his Nat Turner biopic into a white-male hating fantasy movie, but also said with pride? defiance? that he would never consent to play a homosexual onscreen.

I know what you’re thinking; too close to home?

But no, the reason (excuse?) he gave was because he wanted to always be identified as a strong or positive male role model.

Just apparently not strong enough for a… you get where I’m going with this.

Lastly, as racist as I like to think I am, I still can never fully enjoy anybody’s plight but white people had to know this day was coming.

Now that it’s official that more white people are dying than being born in 17 states, I look like a prophet.

Cause like I wrote a while back, 2012 didn’t represent the end of the world on the Mayan Calendar, that shit only represented the end of White Supremacy – which to too many white people, is the world apparently.

I’m no sex therapist, but Stevie Wonder in a dark room could see that white men and white women just ain’t got the hots for each other no more.

So the results are; no new white people.

And the honorable thing to do right now my white beloveds would be to simply strap-up and pull yourselves airborne like you claim you always have as you conquered the wild frontiers wherever you found indigenous people to rape and murder.

But really; ya’ll couldn’t have thought Manifest Destiny was gonna continue forever, could you?

You really didn’t think you’d be able to colonize and dominate, leaving a pattern of making babies everywhere and that nobody would pick up on the pattern, start making babies themselves and then bring it to where you live with the idea of colonizing and dominating, did you?

Well, maybe you did.

And clearly you were wrong.

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