Never Thought I’d See Myself Defending The Bloods & The Crips, But…

Always looking for greater loopholes through which to imprison more niggers and spics, and in the wake of the tragic death of New York EMT Yadira Arroyo, some yokel New York poll named Martin Golden came up with this Jim Dandy of a suggestion: boost the punishments for crimes committed by known gang members.

See Ms. Arroyo, who died when some jackass named Jose Gonzales, whose name I deliberately didn’t print the last time I wrote about this topic and who is also coincidentally a member of the Bloods, hijacked her EMT truck and drove it over her twice, killing her.

And while this fuckface, Golden’s, suggestion might sound nice while passions are running high, what he’s essentially doing is what Hillary and her Clinton husband did with the ‘94 Crime Bill, use the guise of “protecting” Black people as a justification for imprisoning even more Black people.

And just like back then, we’re all supposed to believe that all gang members are “predators” and bow to Golden’s proposal as the only plan that can keep us safe.

Next thing you know, we’ll start noticing that some pretty decent dudes who just happened to be “connected” are now doing 20 years in the bing for jaywalking.

And make no mistake: I’m no gang sympathizer.

I never got into gangs for one reason: while it might be cool to know that when you party, a whole massive has got your back, I’d hate to feel compelled to defend some sick and twisted confederate that came running up to me telling me how he’d “fucked” some 3 year-old girl and now the girl’s father was after him.

Still, that doesn’t mitigate the travesty of Golden’s proposal.

For Golden’s proposal to even begin to make sense, we’d have to presuppose that gang members are perpetually criminal.

That means, even when asleep, they’re walking and lining their pocket with stolen goods.

Also, we’d have to assume that jackoff Gonzales who hijacked the truck, hijacked it as a Blood and not because he is a schizophrenic deviant which is probably more the case.

Shit, the likelihood is that even fellow Bloods found Gonzalez’ actions abhorrent.

So basically, if we’re gonna boost time on crimes based on affiliation, why stop at gang members?

Gonzales is a Spanish surname which makes him probably Dominican or Puerto Rican; why not boost their punishments?

Why not boost the punishments on all men?

It’s bad enough we’re played like chumps and idiots when we notice that a nigga like that scumbag and former Baylor University football player Tevin Elliot can get 20 years for a rape he committed in college while just as scummy but white former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner can serve 3 months for his own college rape, but to always look for ways to tack additional time onto niggas combines insult with injury.

Then our community is taunted and mocked because of the alleged dearth of Black fathers in the home.

As if a correlation can’t be seen between our inability to be anywhere else considering all the time in jail we’re given for every little thing.

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