Trump Does NOT Lie: He Just Be Making Up Shit


As a patriot, it galls me to no end to sit silently and watch as our Democratically elected 45th President suffers the slings and arrows of those not in power as they attempt to denounce not only his very person, but also every single thing for which he stands and through these relentless attacks, attempt to shade his very character by nonstop slander the most grievous of which is that the man is a liar.

For my money, nothing could be further from the truth.

Donald Trump is not a liar; he just be making up shit.

To understand the difference the first thing that must be brought to terms is the fact that a “liar” would be a person that deliberately tells an untruth.

And none of us has any reason to suspect that Donald Trump has ever done this.

  • When he denies any Russian involvement with his election it’s because he never saw no Goddamn Russians.
  • When he claims people died during the fatality-free Swedish riots, he didn’t say nobody died in the Swedish riots.
  • When he says he packed the 18K capacity Kentucky basketball arena with 25K, he didn’t say everybody had seats.

And there are, predictably and literally, hundreds more where that came from.

If there’s anything we can fault our illustrious current Top Guy with it’s that he, like far too many Black people – as I pointed out in my “Why Black People Don’t Read” post – is from the school that believes that nothing is worse than ignorance and would rather chance a misstatement than utter the phrase that is now considered to a common rendering among highly intelligent people: I don’t know.

And the reason Trump practices this approach is almost terrifyingly similar to the logic at play with the non-reading Blacks.

Like I wrote, the Blacks that don’t read avoid being seen with a book because reading in public only confirms that they’re ignorant of the contents of the book in their hands.

Meanwhile, President Trump, in his capacity as President, a capacity that even he admits from time to time finds him signing executive orders that he hasn’t even read, believes that any concession to his ignorance would be proof after all to all those who said from the beginning that he didn’t know what he was doing.

With that understood, it becomes clear that Trump didn’t pick Steve Bannon and the rest of his advisers as much as they (and the Russians) picked him.

The man is a pure entertainer and his ability to think on his feet at least as far as responding to questions he can’t answer with nonsequiturs that’ll set the press off chasing straw men is nearly unparalleled save for, and by no coincidence at all, his own top adviser, Kellyanne Conway.

I imagine that Ms. Conway was hired during something similar to a comedy improv and her ability to ad lib on scenarios, whether they produce “alternative facts” or hint at the “Bowling Green Massacre” must have expediently gotten a “You’re hired!” thumbs-up from her current boss.

Yet none of this is lying.

And that’s important.

See lying sometimes is ok; like say if somebody says to you, “What’s you address so I can come to your house and kill you?”, it’d be cool to give them 1060 W. Addison Street in Chicago.

But to call Mr. Trump a “liar” would be unfair.

He just don’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

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