French Montana, Black Africans, White Africans, & Nappy Hair

Of course, if you wanna know the color of, say, the original Egyptians, you can just look at their self-depictions.

It’s in their hieroglyphics.

They were brown people.

Also of course, Egypt and so much of North Africa has been conquered and colonized so many times by Europeans and others that the original bloodlines have been permanently changed.

Still, it predictably pisses me of whenever I hear some nigga prattling on about how not all Africans are Black – and I don’t mean Charlize Theron Afrikaner-Africans either, I mean original Africans – because it snatches places like Egypt and Carthage from our antiquity and puts us (again) in a position where we should be grateful for slavery because at least it introduced us to the rest of the world.

Shit, long before Europeans stopped painting themselves blue, we’d traveled the globe a million times over, there are accounts of us being everywhere, including and especially on this continent.

Never forget – and also don’t be proud of the fact that – we are the original conquerors of Europe and that Hannibal of Carthage brought civilization to Spain and culture to Italy.

Shit, several Roman Emperors were Black and always keep in mind that very early in either The Iliad or The Odyssey – it’s been so long since I’ve read them joints that by now even I’ve forgotten which – Homer himself said that he had never traveled to any part of the globe where he didn’t see niggas; using, of course, the appropriate descriptive of our people for his time.

But now niggas are mad at and knocking as non-Black 3rd tier rapper French Montana because he done fucked around and talked about some Black chick’s “nappy” hair on Twitter.

And as absurdly as this is seems even to me, I find myself defending French and not only because he’s North African, but because, first of all, his ex-wife and the mother of his kids is a Black American woman which, to me, gives him more of a right to knock a Black woman than, say, some nigga that’s married to a white girl.

Secondly, Black women’s hair is supposed to be nappy.

In fact, nappy hair on Black people is normal.

We should even call it “normal” hair.

But no, Western Society has got us so convinced to see ourselves as “other” that it ends up being our noses and lips that are “big” and not non-Black people’s noses and lips that are substandard, and our hair that is “nappy” and not non-Black folks with limp hair.

So ultimately, the question becomes: where are the hoteps now that I finally need them?

I’m not even one of them type dudes, this ain’t even my milieu, but I can’t sit idly by and watch as tortured ideas and perspectives are lobbed forth.

I mean shit, where was even a nigga to say something simplified like “just like the ‘Americans’ of today ain’t the Americans of 500 years ago, all the Africans of today ain’t the Africans of 2000 years ago.”

I had an nice Russell Westbrook piece I wanted to post but I had to jump in and handle this shit.

I gotta learn to delegate.

Get some more people on the squad.

Zander, what the fuck are you doing while shit like this is happening?

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