If War is Warranted for Countries that “Kill Their Own People” #BlackLivesMatter Needs to Holla at Trump

I know I’m way late, but I just finished reading The Big Short.

What stuck out to me was the fact that several credit rating agencies willfully changed the bond ratings on subprime housing loans, making Triple B rated bonds into Triple A’s or basically doing the equivalent of telling unsuspecting NBA teams that Ron Baker was as good as Russell Westbrook.

Of course, while the NBA lie would be purely fanciful, that bond market lie was unquestionably criminal in no less of a way than the insider trading charge that sent Martha Stewart to the clink in 2004, though this lie rigged the market and played no small part in what ultimately became the 2008 bailout which cost US taxpayers 700 billion up front, then over a trillion in additional payments.

Yet nobody connected with the credit swap went to jail, very few people lost their jobs, the people that bet against the market profited obscenely and those that bet with it were reimbursed (by us) for their losses.

Meanwhile, we’re all thinking that a “criminal” is some nigga in Harlem somewhere selling nickel bags.

And he’s the one that needs to be locked away for 50 years.

Now, anybody that reads me knows of my fascination with the Naturalization Act of 1790 and not just because it is the law that literally invented the concept of race, but because in making one “race” the only type eligible for “legal” citizenship, it rendered all other “races” illegal simply by existing.

Therefore a Black person is always a criminal – it’s been written into law – and one need not wonder why this nation’s original laws, archaic as they should seem, are still venerated when the “Founding Fathers”, archaic as they should seem, will always be.

That’s why it’s virtually impossible for some people to ever see anything wrong with the cops killing Black people because from their vantage point, all they’re seeing is one less criminal.

And probably the worst thing about the concept of “crime” in terms of American law is that it implies a moral wrong.

That’s why runaway slaves were not only “criminals” but thought to be deviants.

Of course, now we’re supposed to believe that everything’s all caught up, all the laws are right and everything’s fair, but consider again that 59% of the Black people in jail are there because of drug offenses and then ask yourself where exactly, in a free market drug economy, is the moral wrong?

It’s not like drug dealers are out jabbing heroin needles into the arms of unsuspecting passersby.

No, they’re selling drugs to people that want to buy drugs.

Now you’ve got fools running around calling Black Lives Matters a “terrorist group” because to them, it’s a threat to America’s internal security that Black people should be offended by our nation’s right to shoot us down indiscriminately without warning or fear backlash or reprisal.

These are the types of people that saw no irony in the fact that during the Civil Rights era, America was out selling the virtues of capitalism over the evils of communism to newly liberated yet still politically undecided Third World countries while niggers swung from trees in the South.

Now Trump’s using bombs as a way of “showing support” for the people of another nation, a nation that predictably is helpless under some evil dictator that’s “attacking” his own countrymen.

Yeah, ok.

We may not ever know what Trump is really doing in Syria, but we do know this: there are over 900,000 police in this country that still think it’s 1790.

When do they get bombed?

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