What’s Worse than Getting Dragged on Twitter?


Since everybody else is taking shots at this dude, I figured hey, whats one more bullet in a corpse?

And forgive me for getting all John Wayne from The Searchers, but if this boy were a Comanche, he couldn’t enter heaven after what we’ve done to him.

Predictably, even horny and aggressive “conservative” pundit Bill O’Reilly got a good laugh at old boy’s expense.

And perhaps the key omission that muhfuccas make in their dealings with America is that they think that so long as they’re not niggas, they should get afforded the same exact respect and privileges as white people.

Well, no.

See, if they knew that there were gradations to whiteness itself, that would get them to understand that if you’ve gone so far as to be completely non-white, you should expect to come in ever later than the Jews, the Irish and the Italians.

But now we’ve seen through the eyes of 69 year-old Vietnamese-American David Dao, the as-it-turns-out doctor, father of 5 and even grandfather, that was dragged (and not metaphorically either) off a United Airlines flight that had been overbooked how costly it can be to either forget or misinterpret your place in our society.

See, way back before all this #WhiteGenocide bullshit became so obvious they had hashtag it, there were already forward thinking whites panicked about low birth rates and the threat or at least possibility that Black and brown people would eventually “take over” if only because we were the only ones still merrily making babies.

So the notion of “white” people became more inclusive, first in 1924 by taking in the Italians and the Irish, then subsequently including just about everybody who wasn’t an obvious nigga.

Thing is, the problem with all these “new” white people was that they really did believe they were white, right up until some event happened to make them remember that if there were no Black people around thereby making them white-by-comparison, then they certainly became non-white and should not only act but should expect to be treated as such.

The debacle between Dr. Dao and United Airlines began because, as I wrote earlier, Dr. Dao’s flight had been overbooked and Dr. Dao, who’d originally volunteered to give up his seat, apparently remembered that he had patients to see and decided to remain on the flight.

And you can see from the video how much respect that particular decision was given.

And yes, while I agree that it’s a horrifying nightmare to watch anybody get treated the way that Dr. Dao was, I’m also forced to recall that this kinda treatment isn’t exactly unique.

The only difference, I’m guessing, is that there are far fewer voices wondering aloud why Dr Dao ain’t just do “what they told him to”.

And you would think in the wake of incidents like this that not only would more credence be given to Black complaints of mistreatment, but that other non-whites would finally seek a coalition, sort of like what Jay Caspian Kang sought in the wake of Peter Liang’s fateful shooting of Akai Gurley, but watch, after a hefty cash settlement is tendered, this incident will blow over and it’ll be back to brutalizing niggers as usual; without fear of reprisal, consequence, outside sympathies or lost money in the wake of a lawsuit.


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