If Trump’s the “MLK” of Healthcare & David Dao’s the “Rosa Parks” or Airline Travel, Who’s Y’all Flavor Flav?

You’d think by now they’d skip the step of martyring our heroes before they start to celebrate them but old habits are hard to break, I guess.

And do you need any further proof that niggas are, indeed, the truest Americans besides the fact that we’re always the standard of comparison whenever somebody is referencing either greatness or triumph?

So decide for yourself whether you should be offended when some bozo from CNN named Jeffrey Lord calls Donald Trump “The Martin Luther King of healthcare.”

And if you decide that you think that bullshit is a compliment to Dr. King then think again because King won.

Whether it was The Montgomery Bus Boycott or getting the Civil Rights Act passed, King had a direct, tangible and positive impact on his agenda whereas Trump has no feasible healthcare plan that could replace ObamaCare making his only clear object to blow it up.

So by an honest definition, Trump is way more the Timothy McVeigh of healthcare than he is the MLK.

Now, to begin to try to make the case¬†that Dr. David Dao is the Rosa Parks of airline travel like his lawyer Tom Demetrio is trying to do, you’d first have to detail the history of anti-Asian segregated seating on airlines.

And if¬†you can’t do that shit, your argument goes “poof”.

Still, even greater than the fact that all someone has to do is show¬†promise at something before they’re the “Michael Jordan” of it or you hear Bob Dylan’s grandson refer to his grandad as the “Jay Z” of his day, the thing that almost escapes because of it’s inherent status as an undercurrent¬†is the perpetual strain American masochism.

Maybe they see it as karmic payback or something, but America simply loves to get beaten by niggas.

See, all the Black people that get referenced for their greatness, even the non-political ones, had to beat odds that were stacked against them.

You almost never hear a Black story like that of our current illustrious President of a nigga being able to get a “small loan” of a million dollars from his pops.

So, in short, America fights like hell to keep a nigga down, the celebrates like front running fans when a nigga breaks on through to the other side.

It’s the kinda shit that makes you scratch your head whenever some non-Black says some amazingly preposterous shit like “we” freed the slaves; like the African diaspora took place on Pluto or some shit and space travel had to be induced for rescue missions, or like the rebellions of Turner, Vesey, Prosser and Louverture had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Black triumph is then subsequently used against us when, after that lone winner breaks through, the rest of us are queried not-so-subtly as to why we couldn’t do the same

Interestingly enough, the only time you never hear of a comparison to Black greatness is when intellect is concerned.

It’s so important to maintain the myth of Black idiocy that “Einstein” is usually the name that’s then invoked.

This, despite the fact that Iceberg Slim had a higher IQ.

And, of course, our buffoons, fools and tricksters are always¬†referenced, but more as representatives of the Black masses, while non-Blacks try to keep “exceptions” like King, Jordan, Parks, ect to themselves.

Personally, I’m waiting for a non-Black¬†Marcus Garvey.

Muhfuccas keep complaining about all the brown people migrating to Europe and how it pisses them off, well why don’t y’all go home and balance that shit out then?


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